Could the world collapsing around you be a great thing?


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These days everywhere we turn it seems that the world is going crazy. Sometimes crazy actually hits close to home and it seems that your world really is collapsing. That’s a very scary, a stressful place to be.

But beyond appeareances, could your world collapsing around you actually be the best thing that has happened to you?

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To live an empowered life, it’s crucial to step beyond the blame game and step into our full responsibility. It’s also crucial to be attuned to our actions and the feedback we receive from the universe and our intuition.

What can you do?

In every crisis, there’s a gift. To find it you can begin by asking yourself these questions:

    1. What can I learn from this situation?

    2. Where have I stopped listening?

    3. What can I do better in the future?

    4. How can I get back on my path and get back into the flow of life?

Obviously the same idea could be taken beyond the sphere our private lives to the level of our societies. For all the crises we face are not the result of bad luck, we collectively hold the responsibily for the world we have created.

With all these crises we can also ask ourselves the same questions:

    – where did we stop listening?

    – What can we learn?

    – How can we get back in the flow.

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could the world collapsing around you be a great thing


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