Why vision boards don’t work


Manifestation is going mainstream and vision boards are all the rage. Now I really love seeing people catching up with this powerful tool, however nothing makes me cringe more than the idea that a vision board is a magic wand that will make dreams come true effortlessly. Click the pin to learn why they don't work.

Why vision boards don't work

Manifestation is going mainstream and vision boards are all the rage.
If you haven’t heard of them, vision boards are collages that showcase all the elements of a specific desire as a tool to help manifest it.

Now I really love seeing people catching up with this powerful tool, however nothing makes me cringe more than the idea that a vision board is a magic wand that will make dreams come true effortlessly.

If it was that simple every teenage girls with posters of their favorite celebrity crush on their walls (do kids still do that or am I showing my age?) would be dating stars.

I think this all started with the movie The Secret and this scene where John Assaraf finds an old forgotten vision board in a moving crate that shows the exact house he ended up living in a few years after he made the board.

It’s true, it can work like this. I have also used vision boards successfully and received perfect manifestations faithful to the tiniest detail.

Vision boards are powerful, but a lot needs to happen behind the scene to make them work.


An example that comes to mind: recently I was talking with someone who is stuck in a cushy career and dreams of an independent lifestyle. They have a clear vision of the life they want, they have all the pictures of the tropical locations and of the beautiful houses.

The problem?

Even if they want a more fulfilling life they are addicted to the comfort of the stable and secure career.

And even with all the pretty pictures on their board, their actions are not aligned with their dreams.

And it’s understandable: when you have a lot on the line, embarking on a manifestation journey can sometimes feel like hopping on a row boat with very little food supplies, no map and the goal of crossing an ocean.

It sounds crazy, it’s scary and it takes boldness.

This is not for the faint of heart!

Now changing career doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job on a whim and having no safety net but it may mean making yourself more visible, losing some stability, learning new skills.

All of this can be pretty uncomfortable.

For most people one of the first instinct is to hold on to what we know or what feels secure.

Often this means reaching for solutions that are within reach even if they don’t solve the problem at all: for instance looking for a job in a new department when the problem is that we hate corporate life.

That’s a big trap.

Another common one is to avoid taking action i.e. procrastination.

In my example, they never seem to have the time to work on the projects that would allow them to fire their boss.

It’s funny how schedules can fill up quickly with stupid tasks once we have to find the time to build our dreams!

Another serious trap.


Truth be told, focusing intensely on your dreams with a tool such as a vision board will always open doors for you.

However you have to be willing to walk through these doors and be able to discern the ones that actually lead to your dream.

If you don’t I must warn you, continuously focusing on your dreams while resisting change will lead to your life eventualy breaking down. I have seen this happen countless times.

You see the universe listens to your calls and it provides you with everything you need to grow and become the person who can handle the life you dream of.

It wants to deliver even if it has to drag you to your dream screaming and kicking!!!

If you can’t let go of the job, it will be taken from you.

If you can’t leave the man, he will leave you.

If you can’t go of the food, you’ll get sick.

Things will get harder until you get the message and change your attitude. Then things will turn around in the blink of an eye.

The problem is most people don’t get it. Then they decide that manifestation or vision boards don’t work. But it’s not the case: it’s just that they are not doing their part.

Going back to the ‘using a row boat to cross the ocean’ idea, a way this could work would be to imagine that the universe had a cruise ship waiting for you just outside of the bay all the time.

But you had to leave shore to see it. And then your job was to use the rope ladder to climb in.

True, it’s a bit shaky but once you’re board your safe and comfortable passage to the other continent is secured.

Unfortunately most people would rather hold on to their row boat until they starve…

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Manifestation is not about tools, it’s a system.

It’s about creating an inner transformation to become the person who can experience your dream results. When you’re ready, when you are mentally that person, things come to you easily.

Resistance in the form of doubt, fear, sabotage, procrastination is like the kiss of death for your manifestations and will yield frustrating (but sometimes hilarious) results no matter which tool you use:

You could stick pictures of happy couples in love on your board, and your best friend will be the one to find love while you remain single.

Or feature a check for a certain amount on your board and receive a check for this amount in the mail. Only it’s a promotional (fake) one!

Yes, the universe has an interesting sense of humor.

The solution is simple: to make vision boards work for you, you have to do your inner work!

Pick a dream you’re working on. What are your fears, your doubts and your sabotaging patterns? How can you overcome them? How can you become more of the person who already has achieved this dream?

If you can answer these questions you will have more chances of making a vision board work for you.

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Manifestation is going mainstream and everybody is talking about vision boards. Unfortunately for most people they don't work. Here's why.

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