Why is love so hard? The LOA perspective.


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These days, many successful, independent women are finding it extremely hard to build relationships. This is a very painful situation that I often hear summarized by this question.: 'why is love so hard'. Click on this pin for some insights on what the problem is and how you can fix things.

why is love so hard

“Why is love so hard?”

These days, many successful, independent women are finding it extremely hard to build relationships. This is a very painful situation that I often hear summarized by this question.

Watch this short video and read the article below to learn more:

I like to keep my videos short and to the point but I’ d like to share some extra thoughts with you to go deeper.

I could have gone into many specific reasons for why love is so hard and made this discussion much more complicated.


Men and women are different.

They have different brain activity, different thought-patterns and in a way communication between men and women is like communication between two people who speak different languages.

– Since last century, there have been many changes in the traditional roles men and women play.

While some of the changes are now taken for granted: no one would bat an eye at a woman holding an executive position, others such as salary equality are not so widely accepted.

Basically, we are all still adapting and finding our ways in this new paradigm.

Also, on a deeper level it has created imbalances in our energies.

For instance, it’s now commonly accepted that successful women tend to harbor a more masculine energy. And unfortunately this is incompatible with men with a high masculine energy. It pushes them away like two magnets with the similar pole facing each other and creates conflicts.

If you’re a gorgeous alpha female career girl who can’t seem to find a man this could be the culprit.

– Many people are hurt: broken homes, divorced kids, failed relationships, abuse… Some people might not have the mental blueprint that support happy relationships. They need to grow and heal, and until they do attempting to be in a relationship with them will make your life miserable because of their own pain.

You could also be the one that harbors a lot of pain you need to heal from…

– Society has changed and people have different expectations when it comes to relationships.

There is less social pressure, it is easier then ever to get involved without commitment.

Also the demographics may not seem to play in your favor because of your age, your ethnicity, your education or your income level, or even all these factors combined!
In the end it seems that the pool of available partners is shrinking.

As you can see, there are many reasons why love can be hard. And it can be really difficult to pin-point any single one because we’re not one-dimensional, and often the issues are inter-connected.

It can be really overwhelming, time-consuling and stressful to figure it all out.


This is why I only insisted on the resonance and the vibrational aspect of things in the video.

Working on your vibration frees you from the headaches of figuring-it-all-out, the heartaches of attracting the wrong ones, the scarcity issues, the statistics.

Working on your vibration will shield you from the drama, it will allow you to heal and to learn what you need to heal or to learn to be in a successful relationship at your own pace, and it will bring you the right candidate and everything you need for a successful relationship into your life at the right time.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s self-organizing and it’s incredibly effective.
Because your vibration is what creates your experience, and it is also is creating the hardships you could experiencing so working on it makes sense in the way of avoiding self-sabotage. I had written about it in this article.

Love is hard when your vibration is not matching 'love is easy'. Click To Tweet

By doing this work, one of my clients was able to manifest a complete change of lifestyle in a few of months going from stressed-out, busy single entrepreneur with no suitable match in sight to finding love with the perfect One and living an exciting international jet-setting lifestyle.

No struggles, no heartache, no string of lousy dates, no creeps.

Simply through a tweak of vibration.

I cover tuning up your vibration in depth in all my coaching program for high-value single women. This process is crucial if you want a break from your painful love life and start effortlessly attracting the loving partner you deserve. This process is quite intricate. And my coaching provides you all the tools and the guidance to get it right the first time.

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