Why I chose to delete Facebook and other thoughts on life.


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I’ve recently deleted my Facebook account, and that feels amazing.

No, I am not asking for a medal for it, it’s only a website after all.

It just raised certain thoughts for me that I wanted to share here.

Facebook had been bugging me for some time. A few years actually. Something about that site that wasn’t sitting right with me but then again all my friends were using it so…

I started reducing my use of it, then I stopped using it all-together but my account was still active.

You know, just in case… to receive events invites and the odd message from an out-of -town friend paying my corner of the world a visit.

But even that was getting to me.

At the very beginning of STRETCH+BLOOM I was questioning whether or not I should have company page on the site.

And everywhere I turned everyone seemed to believe that it was the way to go.

But I didn’t feel like getting involved with that model. It wasn’t resonating with me.

Eventually I decided against it.

And I am happy with my decision.

Sure, certain things would be easier if I used Facebook, but a lot of things would also really annoy me as well.

That’s not where I want to be.

Anyway, the point of this post is not really to talk about why I chose to delete Facebook, it is to invite you to question why you do things.

For everything you want to accomplish there is always the way things are done:

– You should be Facebook to talk to your audience.

– You should get a car if you’re successful.

– You should get married if you’re serious about your relationship.

But who ever questions if this is the right way for them?

Do you enjoy how Facebook operates?

No, so why you set up your business in a way that you’ll have to deal with the aggravation everyday? Why not delete Facebook?

Do you enjoy being stuck in traffic or looking for parking spots?

No, so why not set up a life where you don’t need a car use other means of transportation that don’t stress you out?

Do you enjoy dealing with official paperwork?

No, so why not find other ways to establish the commitment in your relationship?

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I’d like to invite you to take back the power in your life by not allowing things that suck the life out of you just because that how it’s done.

I’d like to invite to ask yourself:

– What do I really want?

– What do I really like?

– what do I really enjoy?

That’s a powerful shift for most of us, since the commonly-held worldview says we have to struggle and settle.

But that’s not true. The world is an abundant place. And when we know how to work with it, things cannot help but to fall into place automatically for us.

That’s the way our Universe is built.

We struggle because we’re not where we need to be. We’re not in our sweet spot. We’re going against the flow of the entire Universe.

These things drain us because they are simply not right for us. They cause mental friction and they make us lose momentum.

Last week, I wanted less friction and more flow so I deleted Facebook.

What are you going to delete from your life? How are you going to reclaim more of your power and build a life even closer to your dreams?

PS: If you want to delete your Facebook account, get acquainted with the way Facebook operates to do to the right way: back up your all your data, delete everything on your profile (status, comments, pictures, tags, likes…), save contact details of your favorite friends, unfriend everyone and ONLY THEN delete your account.


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I recently chose to delete Facebook and it feels amazing. I am not asking a medal for it, but it lead to some thoughts about leading a more authentic life.



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