Who is the Universe?


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who is the universe

You’ve probably heard people talk about the Universe when they mention the law of attraction.

Actually, you’ve probably heard it from me as well.

“The Universe will provide you opportunities”.

“The Universe will deliver”.

“The Universe will manifest your dreams”

But, who is this Universe?

One of the biggest misconception around the law of attraction and manifesting is the Universe.

People tend to see the universe as a fatherly, god-like, santa claus figure that will grant or not your wishes according to a set of criteria he/she only is aware of.

What doesn’t help is we tend to capitalize the U…

It is extremely disempowering, because it leaves you at the mercy of another moody character that may or may not decide that you can have what you desire.

Plus that is a huge misconception.

The universe is the world around you, the people you meet, the trees, the air, everything that surrounds you.

You are part of it as well.

So when you hear the Universe is manifesting your goal, I want you to hear the world around you is affected by your vibration and is responding accordingly.

It’s not about your grades, the colors of your pants, the length of your nose or any other arbitrary system in place to decide whether you’re worthy or not or your dream.

It’s about your signal, your vibration.

What you put out with your thoughts, your beliefs and your feelings. And what resonates with it.


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So don’t be scared by the universe: it has your back.

The biggest question now is actually: “do you have your own back”?

Where are your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs?

Are they aligned with your dreams?

If not, change them, and the universe will deliver!

Don’t be shy! Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience with the universe.

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