The surprising reason why you’re still single


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If you have tried everything possible to find love and you still can't manage to secure the relationship you desire, this video will give precious insights on what's keeping you single.

Sometimes, it just seems like you’re doomed to remain single forever and that the entire universe is conspiring is against you to make sure you never find anyone.

No matter what you try to turn your love life around, things stubbornly refuse to turn in your favor and all your attempts to find true love systematically turn sour.

You take care of your appearance, you go on dates regularly, you ask for introductions, you try online dating but time after time you always get a variation of the same outcome: you’re single.

And it doesn’t seem like things will change any time soon.

Frustrating, I know!

Sometimes, they forget to call you back, sometimes they forget they already had someone in their life, sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there.

There’s always a good reason.

However for you it doesn’t change things, it just feels like there’s just no hope in sight.

Now, you may think this is because of your age, your weight, your skin color, because of your education, your job, or your income level, your personal style, your star sign. You may have heard that you need to date/ smile/ laugh (insert random reason here) more. And to some extent these factors can influence your prospects.

In my experience, this is not the real reason.

In this video I share with you my perspective on why you are probably still be single and struggling to find love. It may surprise you.


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