What to do when your (fancy) career is costing you your soul.


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What do you do when you realize your fancy career is costing you your soul?

You know the feeling: you come to your beautifully appointed home exhausted by another day of drudgery. For a brief moment you feel relieved to be shielded from all the pressure, the politics, the vanishing ethics, the drama.

And just as you begin to relax a message from your boss asking you to fix another questionable issue pops up on your phone’s screen!

When will it ever end?

The few times when you find enough space to reflect on your situation, you realize that little by little, compromise by compromise, you’re being made to relinquish any and every of the ideals, values, moral standards you hold dear.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are and this position certainly affords you a comfortable lifestyle. It seems foolish to throw it all away.

However, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to live with yourself under those circumstances.

Tough one, I know.

If this sounds like your life, today is your lucky day!

In this episode I share a few things you can do when you realize your (prestigious) career is costly you your soul.

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