Why Your Vision Board Will Probably Suck And What To Do About It


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If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you’ve probably heard about vision boards. They’re these collages everyone raves about as they are deemed to help you manifest everything your heart desires.

Since the goal setting season is upon us, you might be thinking: ‘let me make a vision board so I can get everything I want next year.’.

However, before you pull out the magazines, the glue and the scissors, I want to give you a strong word of warning: your vision board will probably suck.

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There’s this thing I call the catalog syndrome or the kid-in-a-candy store syndrome.

Most people have been taught to make vision boards by flipping through magazines and making a collage of things that speak to them.

They get all excited and act like children writing a letter to Santa: ‘Please send me a big mansion. And a nice car. Oh, and a beautiful beach house. I want that and that and that too!’.

It’s understandable.

If you’re told you can get everything you put on your board why not go for it?

So, they go on a decoupage frenzy, put everything they can think of on their boards and end up with vision boards that are nothing more than a glorified catalog of random, useless and meaningless stuff.

Major fail!


Vision boards are a focusing tool.

They help you project energy towards something you desire, and through powerful universal laws they help you attract those things.

Now, there’s no questioning that they work. Vision boards have helped me turn my life around many times, I know they deliver.

The problem is that when you paste random stuff on your board, you attract random stuff into your life!

The crucial step most people forget is that before making a vision board you must do lots of soul-searching.

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We like to think of ourselves as these extremely smart and rational beings, however in reality most of our life is controled by our subconscious minds.

Our subconscious minds are like sponges, they suck up and accept everything they are exposed to: the ads, the songs’ lyrics, the movies, the conversations, everything!

Most of what we believe and of what we want has being programmed into us by society, school, friends, the media…

And because our subconscious minds are so impressionable, we easily get tricked into liking things that don’t serve us and don’t make us happy, and that we’d have no interest in if we hadn’t been programmed.

The point of setting goals and planning your future is to create the best possible life.

Does it really make sense to fill this vision with hand-me-down dreams?

Think about it: the job you hate, the career that stresses you out, the guy that keeps breaking your heart, were all things you thought you really wanted.

Doesn’t it make sense then to make sure that your dreams really fulfill you so you don’t manifest another living hell for yourself?


Here’s what you can do:

If you want more meaning in your life, if you want to live more authentically and you’re planning to use a vision board to make big changes in the coming months, take the time to question which desires come from you and which desires come from watching too much series on streaming.

That’ll save you a lot of heartache.

You have to come up with your own answers of what your ideal life looks like.

It’s all about being inquisitive, listening deeply, questioning your motivations, your beliefs, your values, your ideals, being curious, open, perceptive and being imaginative so you can envision novel solutions that may lie outside of the box.

Then maybe you’ll realize that you don’t actually want to own the beach house (with all the maintenance headaches and the dizzying costs it entails), you actually only want to be able to relax at a house on the beach a few week-ends out of the year (which is probably a lot less stressful and costly to rent when you want to use it!).

Clarity makes a big difference!

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