5 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Life To Be More Fulfilled


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This is the time of the year where you might be thinking about ways to upgrade your life to be more fulfilled. To help you answer this question I’ve enlisted the help of some great bloggers who are sharing their insights below

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Life to be More Fulfilled

upgrade your life your day

Upgrade your day!

‘Be more intentional! If you’re looking for more fulfillment in your life, setting yourself up to handle anything that comes your way each day by setting intentions will help change the way you see the world. Begin each morning by closing your eyes and setting three intents, whether it is about how you want your day to go, what you want to focus on, or what other’s in your life may need from you… think of things that will bring you closer to your best self. Doing this will help you stay more positive, boost productivity, and will allow you to better recognize what you want and need in your life.

Living more fulfilled means trusting the process of each and every day and taking time to be grateful.

Being more intentional does not have to mean that you have to stress about results. You can’t change the past and you can’t force the future, so why not do what you can each day to work toward becoming a better you and let that guide your intentions.’


Cassie & Joseph, No Compass Necessary

Cassie & Joseph currently live in South Carolina with their three pups and are passionate about sharing their experiences and finding that balance of both healthy living and happiness. They run No Compass Necessary, a lifestyle blog geared toward helping you and your families live a healthier + happier + more natural lifestyle.

upgrade your life your relationship

Upgrade Your Relationship!

‘Continue building and improving your own life, and you [as a person]. We often forget that being in a relationship is meant to enhance our life, not complete or take over it. While being in a relationship is a special bond between two people, remember that you’re still you. Your life as an individual is still a separate entity needing to be cared for.’


Carissa Link, TheMRSingLink

My name is Carissa Link – duo dog mom, wife, nature lover, artist and coffee snob. I am a Florida-based life and love improvement blogger for theMRSingLink. I share resources and personal insight to young women on living and loving their best self. TML focuses primarily on Love and [self]Love, as well as a few snippets of my Florida lifestyle in between.

Upgrade your life personal space

Upgrade Your Personal Space!

Nothing influences your energy and happiness quite as immediately and profoundly as your environment. Think about it. Just by walking into a room your mood and energy can completely change. Take, for example, the comparison of a day spa and a haunted house. These two environments give you drastically different effects mentally, emotionally, and even physically. When you walk into a day spa your shoulders immediately relax down your back, you breath more deeply and feel more serene, present, and safe.

You draw our energy from our environment and, because of that, your home is the number one thing you can leverage to upgrade your life. I believe that your home should support you. When you do it right, curating intentional spaces instead of clutter, you can create a haven that doubles as free labor. The great news is, it’s so much easier than people realize. Literally, anyone can benefit from this upgrade, regardless of the size of your home or family.’

Mia Danielle, MiaDanielle.com

Mia is a mother of two who coaches busy moms to find more time, more energy, and less clutter. You can find more articles and videos from her on her at miadanielle.com.

Let me know if you need anything else!

upgrade your life finances

Upgrade Your Finances!

This is a broad topic; however, I would limit it to two important ones related to business and finance.
From my short time on this earth, I have learned some lessons and there are things I am proud of and things that I wish I started doing earlier.
Every day, we learn from our mistakes in the past and also from what we did well. You are not going to nail it 100% every time, but we should make a conscious effort to minimize our regrets. Doing so will help us live a more fulfilled life.

Pursue your passion

Let’s start with a quote.
“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

This is very important. As the quote says, the only way to have a fulfilling career really is to do what you love. I am a practical person, so I tried to combine both practicality and passion. That’s how I ended up in medicine. After making the decision to go into medicine, there were many other decisions I needed to make, such as what specialty; I almost went for surgery because it was cool. However, I am glad I followed my passion and went for internal medicine and then pulmonary and critical care.

As a result, although work requires long hours and it is not unusual for me to work over 80 hours a week. I enjoy what I do.
Another passion of mine was starting a blog. I thought about starting one for the past 2 years. I was apprehensive, I wonder if I had something to say, or if I would be accepted in the blogging community. I finally pulled the trigger late August this year, and the site has grown faster than I expected.
Lesson here is to pursue a passion of yours this new year. Give it a try.

Have multiple streams of income

There is a saying : “The average millionaire has 7 streams of income”.
I know money does not equal happiness; however, money does make your life easier. Having multiple streams of income allows you to live a life with less worry. You don’t have to worry about the downturn of the economy, getting fired from a job, and your overall confidence increases. This has great impact on your fulfillment.
Once you have multiple streams of income and more importantly, you are financially independent, you will be able to pursue the interest you love, leading to more happiness.
Strive this year to create at least one other stream of income.

Some ways to have this are below:

  • – Primary salary – you need to get one if you don’t have a secure job.
    spouse/partner income – We are a one income family but Mrs Breathe Easy Finance is a nurse and she is ready to spring to action if the need arise. If your partner wants to work, it might be ideal to upgrade his/her skills and start a business or get a job.
  • – Investment – This is the heart of wealth building and financial fulfillment. You have to make your money work for you. check out my blog post on how to invest for beginners.  We also talked about how to build your financial pyramid here which includes what you need to do before you start investing and how to protect your wealth.
  • Side business – Ultimately, it is better to work for yourself and not work for someone else. You are more likely to be happier. ‘


Dr Breathe Easy Finance, Dr Breathe Easy Finance

Dr Breathe Easy Finance is a pulmonary and critical care physician by day and a personal finance blogger by night. Mrs Breathe Easy Finance is a nurse and stay at home mum who also give insight into budgeting through the lens of a frugal physician wife. She has been posting more and more. Our goal is to improve financial literacy among physicians and everyone willing to accept the challenge. I figured, if I help you breathe easy and better in my day job, why not apply the same principle to personal finance. Financial independence is our goal for everyone and we cater to the babies and toddlers of personal finance. Our mantra – spend less, save more, earn more and invest. Our main categories include budgeting tips, investing tips and general personal finance mix bag.

Upgrade Your Decision-Making Process!

I am wrapping up this post with a tip of my own:

‘It’s not a secret that many people end up being unfulfilled because they fail at following the beat of their own drum. There’s always a friend, a mother, a well-meaning co-coworker that instills doubt at that crucial moment and makes them them second-guess themselves.

Being fulfilled is about living a rich, full, exciting, meaningful life and it starts by bringing more you into the picture. Before all the big maneuvers to transform your life, there’s a simple practice you can adopt to ensure that no matter what you endeavor to accomplish you will be more fulfilled.
This simple practice is to become me-centric.

What do I mean by become me-centric?

Being me-centric is not about being selfish or being self-centered.
It’s also not about being complacent. So, this is not a pass to eat piles of ice cream because it tastes good and it makes you happy (blink – blink)

I would define being me-centric as a growth-oriented attitude that puts the emphasis on pushing the needle on metrics that matter to you.

It’s that simple switch from ‘That would make my parents so proud’, ‘That’s what’s expected from me’ to ‘How is this lining up with any of my plans, dreams, etc…?’.

This is about bringing intentionality in your choices and making sure that those choices align with your big picture.

How would that look like?
It’s simply about using this question before making any plans or commitments: ‘How is this lining up with any of my plans, dreams, etc…?’.

The answer will tell you how to proceed.
If you get a sense of alignment, you probably want to go ahead.
If you don’t get a sense of alignment, you probably need to consider other other options. Can you get out? Can you adapt the plans? Can you negotiate new terms?…

For example, say you’re a freelancer. You get an enquiry from a potential client that’s not a great match for (budget, needs, attitude,..). Instead, of resigning yourself to suffer through a painful contract, by using this question you could have create several alternative options. You could limit the scope of the contract, the duration of the contract, you could also refer them to a colleague. If you made this option a possibility, you could even imagine establishing a referral network so the loss of not-so-great clients could be offset by the gain of perfect clients sent to you with warm recommendations.

Being me-centric is about taking the reins of your life.

Again, this is not to be misconstrued for a license for behaving like an obnoxious brat. And, I would even add that a big part of being fulfilled is contributing to others and making a difference…

Upgrade your life with this simple habit and you will quickly begin to feel more fulfilled.’


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5 ways to upgrade your life



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