The Science of Manifestation


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Edited on June 30th, 2023

Today’s post with attempt to explain the science of manifestation.

Most people find the concept of manifestation a little airy-fairy when they first hear about it.

And that’s fair enough: the idea of making things show up in your life with just your thoughts and emotions feels (at best!) a little counter-intuitive if not completely mental.

I won’t blame you…

However, as crazy as it sounds, manifestation has been proven to work empirically.

And, while the process still remains very mysterious, science is now offering us new insights which provide the beginning of an explanation for the rationally-minded.

A new model

What most of us learned in school about our physical reality comes from classical physics which was the predominant model up until the end of the 19th century.

It describes a world of solid matter that behaves according to set patterns in a linear fashion, and that establishes the rules that govern physical objets at our scale like planes, boats or our bodies.

However, from the beginning of the 20th century on, scientists started to make discoveries that could not be explained according to this model. 

They had to come up with a new set of theories, which became known as quantum physics. It describe the baffling behaviors of subatomic particles.

For instance:

     – A subatomic particle can be two different things at the same time: a wave and a particle.

     – The mere act of observing these particles radically alters their behavior.

     – The communication between some particles is instantaneous. No matter how big the distance between them!

While it seems to defy logic, this model stems from the root of modern technology like computers, scanners, satellites…

Some of the core findings of quantum physics

Einstein discovered that everything was basically made of energy. 

Nils Bohr later found out that this energy actually behaves like a wave but turns into a particle when it is observed.

These particles are interconnected and are constantly communicating with each other at speeds that exceed the speed of light. They seem to exist beyond time and space. And also they ‘flicker’ in and out of existence, forming what seems to be a field of infinite probabilities which seem to be ‘selected’ by the observer.

The implications of this are striking

On the quantum level, we understand that the act of observing this field (our universe) and our expectations actually modify our experience of this field.

We now know that our thoughts and beliefs are affecting the reality we experience!

On a human level, it forces us to reevaluate our place in the universe.

We tend to think of ourselves as solid, separate entities. We also tend to believe that what we think about, what we focus on or and give attention to doesn’t really matter.

However, at our core, we are truly part of this vast field of possibilities and interconnected energy.

Our bodies are made up of this energy. They read it and communicate with it. They decode the waves that surround us and transform them into sounds, tastes, sights, and feelings for us to experience.

We are only able to perceive things within a frequency that our bodies can detect. And our bodies only give us access to a certain ranges of frequencies, from for example, the auditory spectrum or the visual spectrum.

But the frequencies we don’t experience don’t cease to exist. 

We are simply not able to detect them, very much in the same way that we can’t perceive ultrasound like a dog can.

What does this mean for the science of manifestation?

While most of this scientific knowledge deals with the subatomic level, it can help us understand the most commonly used concept in manifestation: the idea of being in harmony with what we want to experience.

Everything has a frequency: every object, sound, smell, thoughts and feelings. 

We could say that conscious manifestation consists in attuning yourself or synchronising yourself to the ‘frequency’ you wish to experience.

How do you tune up your frequency?

The idea is to focus your attention on what you want to experience. Your thoughts and your feelings must align with what you would like to experience.

Let’s say that you want to manifest getting a car.

After you decide on the type of car you want, you should start focusing your thoughts on having this car, believing that you have the car, feeling the excitement that would be yours if you had that car.

In doing so, it seems that you create a signal, a specific vibration that is broadcast into the world around you. In turn, it will reflect back to you the specific qualities of this vibration in the form of events in your life. 

So, in our example a new car will probably not appear out of thin-air in front of you, however you will soon receive the car you’ve envisioned through unknown channels, not necessarily by exchanging money or going to a dealership.

The science of manifestation is still very mysterious, but it works!

Many aspects of this ability we, as humans possess, escape our current scientific knowledge since much of creation remains mysterious to us.

Still, within limits, we can attune our minds and our feelings to helps us achieve fantastic results faster than by the regular means we are generally taught to entertain.

The best way to see is to put it to the test in your own life and see how it works!

2 thoughts on “The Science of Manifestation”

  1. Hi Dom,
    Thank you for this article. I appreciate the way you explain Quantum physics in simple terms.
    But also, you get to the core of manifestation and not all coaches explain/ understand that so thank you!

  2. Amazing! I’m excited to learn how to manifest the things I want in my life. As I read and gain knowledge here I’m finding that I have the tools. I just need to learn how to apply those tools and principles in my own life.

    When people don’t understand something most times they shy away from it and spread negative vibes around about it, but that’s just ignorance and as a result we are somewhat still in a “dark age”. I mean the idea of really being able to manifest items, situations, people and opportunities is mind boggling to me at least. I can only say Wow and sign me up. lolololol


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