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If you’ve tried your hand at manifesting your dreams you’ve probably come to the conclusion that as simple as the process may sound, manifestation is not easy. In practice the idea of manifesting your dreams opens a million questions and can be really confusing:

    – ‘What should I visualize?’

    – ‘How do I visualize?’

    – ‘How often?’

    – ‘How can I be sure it’s working?’

    – ‘I don’t see anything when I visualize. Is this going to work for me?’

    – ‘I am having negative thoughts, am I just cancelling everything?’

And the list goes on!


From experience I know that books and free resources are not enough to clarify all the subtle aspects of the manifestation process. It took me years of research to finally identify the steps that deliver consistent results. And I also had the support of mentors.

That’s one of the reasons that I started coaching. I know too well that manifestation goes against everything we’ve been taught and that it creates lots of confusion especially when we try to manifest BIG changes.

However I do understand that premium coaching is not an investment everyone is in the position to make and sometimes it’s just out of proportion for smaller dreams.

Because of this I have created a new mini-coaching program for those who could use some solid manifestation guidance but who are on a budget.

It’s called Manifest My Dream and it offers a middle-ground between the guidance and the personalization of premium coaching and the affordability of a home-study course.

It provides you with everything you need to get started on your dream manifestation journey including a proven manifestation roadmap for your dream, customized manifestation processes specifically crafted with your personal situation in mind and tons of done-for-you content.

And you also get one-on-one coaching time to get answers your most pressing questions.

With Manifest My Dream you’re powerfully supported in manifesting your dream at a fraction of the investment of traditional coaching!

Ready to stop dabbling and to start manifesting your dream?

Head on over here to get started.

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