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You are probably aware of the benefits of keeping a journal to manifest your dreams. Now the question is to find the best planner to support you in setting new goals and bringing your dreams to life.
There are many great planners out-there and the choice can be overwhelming. Do you start a bullet journal? Do you get a more traditional daily planner? And most important how do you set it up to actually suit your objectives?

Today I am going to tell you about a planner that may be just be the best planner to manifest your dreams.
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The Dream Life Planner might be the best planner to manifest your dreams. Ok, I may be a little partial since I have created it… Seriously though, it’s a pretty awesome tool!
I have been using manifestation for years and one thing I’ve noticed is that staying focused and organized makes a huge difference with regards to your results. I struggled for years with doubts and confusion. However, once I started to put together different rituals and practices to keep myself on-track, things became a lot easier.

Blossom & Dream life Planner

This Dream life Planner is the synthesis of all the best tools and practices I have discovered through these years of trial and error.

Concretely, the Dream Life Planner covers 12 months and is split in 4 periods of 90 days. By having a long-term 12- month vision, you allow yourself to dream big. By having shorter-term objectives, you keep things manageable. In my experience 90 days is the ideal timeframe to start to see results and allow yourself to course-correct.

I like to think of this Dream Life Planner as a manifestation sidekick. It’s a tool that you use everyday, several times a day actually. It allows you to journal, record your wins, debrief your fails, brainstorm new objectives, stay motivated,…

The Dream Life Planner includes some really cool features such as the daily to-do and to-be lists. These are a great way to manage big dream overwhelm. (If you’re not familiar with the concept of a to-be list, this article will tell you why this is such a useful feature).
There are goal-setting prompts and assessments to allow you to evaluate your progress, tweak or create new objectives as you go, a habit tracker to track your manifestation rituals and the life upgrades you need to make to reach your dreams, manifestation daily rituals and everything you need to manifest your best life.

Blossom dream life planner


The Dream Life Planner is designed to provide you with all the support you need as you manifest your dreams.

Since it was created with manifestation in mind, the Dream Life planner provides you with regular prompts to visualize, practice gratitude or set intentions. With this planner, you don’t have to come up with the right prompts yourself or to try to adapt a regular planner to your manifestation routine. This Planner provides you with the structure to stay on-track.
This structure also helps you with accountability. Everything is tracked so you can quickly identify where you’re slacking and pick yourself back up.

Manifestation can be disconcerting. It’s a process that relies a lot on the unseen, it works on faith, beliefs and it can sometimes feel a little airy-fairy even if it’s not. The Dream Life Planner integrates reminders that help you stay motivated.

Finally, things generally don’t manifest in a linear fashion. This means you need to stay flexible and reevaluate your situation and your objectives frequently. Are you ahead of time? Are you behind? Did you make a breakthrough that has totally changed your perspective on your big dream?
The Dream Life Planner takes all these eventualities in consideration and prompts you to check with yourself regularly so you can adjust your trajectory as needed.

manifestation memento


‘Where can I get your hand on this little wonder?’, you may ask. Well, that’s easy. The Dream Life Planner is part of Blossom, my new reinvention workshop.

Why not make the planner available by itself?

In my experience most people need guidance in setting the right objectives for themselves. We all have blind spots and it’s easy to get caught in our own thinking and end up on the wrong tracks. That can be quite costly! By adding this workshop as a preliminary step, you avoid this trap.
You get to follow a very detailed step-by-step process which allows you to define objectives that light up your soul and actually serve you. Blossom gives you a time-tested, step-by-step process to build the life of your dreams.
You will be guided to assess what no longer makes your heart sing, what’s in your way and what needs to feature in your new life for it to be fun, fulfilling and purposeful. No more picture-perfect life that feels like hell!
Blossom will helps you manifest the perfect, juicy life you didn’t even know existed.

DReam Life Planner closeup

Another thing I have noticed is that the process of making big changes in your life can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re already busy with life! Most of people don’t really have time to test and create routines, processes, tools and systems. They just need a quick way to get results without adding to their workload. Bearing this in mind, the beauty of Blossom is you just have to follow along. You get different modules that guide along the path of creating new objectives for your life.
You simply watch a video to get the guidance you need, open your workbook and follow the soul-searching prompts. It’s kid’s play!
Once you’re done, you have a very clear and intricate picture of what dream life looks like: a life that actually fulfills you.
Afterwards, you use simply follow the prompts in your dream Life Planner. There are morning and evening practices, as well as weekly, monthly and quarterly assessments for an entire year!
With your Dream Life Planner by your side you’ll know exactly to manifest your dreams every day. And if you ever get stuck there’s even a quick laser coaching session included in Blossom as a bonus.

If you too think this is the best planner to manifest your dreams, click here to get access to Blossom and get your Dream Life Planner.

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