How to turn a setback into a comeback.


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One thing we can probably all say is that 2020 has been like nothing we had planned for.

Many of us expected a year full of adventures, travels and fun.
Instead the year proved to be intense, full of ups and downs, setbacks, controversies and stress.
For the less fortunate of us, it even included negative outcomes: losing relatives, getting sick, losing their job or their home.

In any case, this year certainly hasn’t been an easy ride.

A resilient mindset gives you the strength to roll with the punches, quickly bounce back and even come back stronger than before you got knocked down. Click To Tweet

These are the times when having a resilient mindset certainly helps. It gives you the strength to roll with the punches, quickly bounce back, and even come back stronger than before you got knocked down.

While this year has been kind to me, I’ve have certainly had my share of dark years. And, I can attest for the fact that even when things seem bleak, there’s always a way to turn things around, turn a setback into a comeback and thrive.

This, I know from experience. I’ve had to start over a few times: after bad divorce, after a bad business deal with the wrong people, after almost losing everything during the last financial crisis. I’ve been there and certainly get the feeling!

If this sounds (even remotely) like something you’re going through right now I can only empathize with you and tell you to hold on. You may feel like you’re staring at a wall, but the truth is: it’s an illusion.

What I have learned from all these experiences is that everything starts with your mind, and you can use your mind to cope better, to bounce back quickly and more importantly to open the door to solutions you could never have imagined.

With many of us going back into some sort of lockdowns and with all the drama around the US presidential election, it seemed like the perfect time to work on our resilience.

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That’s why I’ve created a 21-day challenge called From Setback To Comeback.
The principle is simple: each day I will send you an email with an insight, a tip or a strategy to help you beat the anxiety, build the mental muscles to face the challenges life throws at you, see the opportunities hidden in those setbacks and turn them into a springboard for a comeback.

Life may seem crazy around you, you may feel stressed or anxious, you may have lost a few feathers even, but with a few adjustments and the right state of mind you can certainly thrive again in spite of it all.

We’ll start on November 16th, the challenge is free and available to my Private Circle members. (Don’t worry if you miss the start date, the challenge will stay live afterwards!)
If this sounds like something that could benefit you right now, join us! You’ll receive all the details about the Challenge in your inbox.

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Updated on Dec. 18th, 2020.

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