Set yourself up for soulful success! (New Year challenge – 2022)


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Last updated, Dec. 29th 2021.

Every year it’s the same charade: within a few weeks of January 1st ‘new year, new me’ turns into ‘old me, same old’.
Frustrating, I know!

No one seems immune to this phenomenon.

And I see it happen with very smart, competent and successful women all the time…

How about something different this time around?

Career ladies too often feel unfulfilled. This new year challenge gives you 7 mindsets upgrades to avoid building a golden cage for yourself & to help you create a purposeful life you will love. Click To Tweet

Here’s what I have noticed:

There are 2 problematic areas when it comes to resolutions.

1. Willpower vs mindset.

As we all have noticed resolutions do not stick!

It’s almost a recurring joke at this point as everybody knows that almost everyone will have given up by February.

The reason this happens is that people try to power through their resolutions with willpower. Ambitious ladies are certainly not immune to that.

The problem is that when there’s a fight betwen willpower and your mindset, the mind will always win. (I wrote extensively about this here.)

To overcome this you must enlist the help of your mind while pursuing your resolutions.

Resolutions are not enough to lead a purposeful life. This new year challenge gives you 7 mindset upgrades smart career ladies need to make to create a life that fuels their soul. Click To Tweet

2. Having the wrong goals.

This is more of a personal observation.

Here, at STRETCH+BLOOM, I work with smart, successful but unfulfilled ladies. And what I have come to realize is that success, as our modern society defines it, is not the key to happiness.

Basically, our modern world incites us to pursue a version of success that traps us in a gilded cell and leaves us miserable.

This is why it’s crucial to set the right goals for yourself: goals that actually fire your soul (what I call soulful success!).

There’s no point in sacrificing for years, only to wake up one day realizing that you’ve climbed the wrong ladder!

Goal-setting is not enough. You must set the right goals to avoid creating a golden cage for yourself. This new year challenges helps you level up your mindset to create goals that fuel your soul Click To Tweet

A 7-day challenge to avoid the usual traps!

This year I came up with a plan to help you avoid these traps and set yourself up for (soulful) success.

I have created a 7-day challenge to  help you level up your mindset to create soulful successs in the next 12 months.

7 critical mindset upgrades for a soulful life!

The challenge will take you through 7 key mindset upgrades (and traps to avoid!) to set goals that serve you and bring them to life successfully without the frustration, the sabotage and the overwhelm!

Soulful New You will take you on a journey to:

– Level up your mindset.
– Acquire new success tools.
– Winning strategy for success.


Soulful New You, New Year challenge will be available to the members of my Private Circle starting from the beginning of January. 

The Private Circle is where I share my insights, in-depth content, my bonus trainings and all my exclusive offers. If you’re not a Private Circle Member yet, you’re invited to join us: it’s free (you’ll become a member when you enroll in the challenge).

Success should fuel your soul. This challenge gives you 7 critical mindset upgrades to create a soulful life. Click To Tweet

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