How to Practice self-care as a self-employed


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If you’re reinventing yourself and you’ve been yearning for more freedom, more impact and a high income, your journey of transformation may take you down the path of entrepreneurship.
After all when it comes to living life in your own terms nothing beats having your on business or so it seems.

Yes you get to choose your schedule, get more creative with your work clothes if you work from home, you can adjust you income while providing service to the world.

An ideal set up!

Except that for most entrepreneurs especially in the early stages, things don’t exactly work out like that.
The truth is far removed from the dream.

Launching your business is more often than not more work than you have ever worked in your entire life, way more responsibility and stress, and a lot less safety.

Ultimately the journey is worth it.
However as with everything you have to pay your dues and put in the effort before you can reap the benefits of your work.

If you spend time on this blog you probably know that I am all about self-care.

That’s why I am so excited to be a featured regular contributor to My Best Kept Self, a blog devoted to self-care for the self-employed.

Here are some of my first contributions:

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere, so you may not worry about how winter can impact your business anymore. For my readers from down though this is getting more relevant by the second.

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When you work 80+ hours per week, like many entrepreneurs do, exhaustion is never too far. The tips in this article will help you grow your business without burning out.

Procrastinating happens to the best of us.

We’ve all had these days when pinning gluten-free recipes dashes to the top of our to-do and overtakes returning that critical phone call you’ve been avoiding to make or writing that long email that just can’t seem to get answered.

Yes, procrastination gets a bad rap, and for good reasons. However what if there was a way to make procrastination a beneficial(-ish) activity. This article tells you all about the art of mindful procrastination.

Entrepreneurship is not easy and to make things worse, it’s often a lonely journey. That’s when business besties come in handy.

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If you’re interested in more self-care tips for the self-employed, you’ll be able to find all my latest posts here.

Lastly, if your entrepreneurial endeavors have gotten your stress levels out of line, join this  challenge that will show you how to get out of frazzled-town and make your way back to oh-so-poised-and-in-control-ville!

Empire-building doesn’t work when you are stressed-out, so get yourself back on track!

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Working for yourself is more often than not more work than you have ever worked in your entire life, way more responsibility and stress, and a lot less safety in the early stages. This is why you need a self-care practice. Read this article for some tips.



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