Self-care in times of pandemic: how to cope and stay sane.


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So 2020, decided to go full bizarro on us and within a few weeks our whole world has been flipped upside-down.

There’s now a mystery virus, worldwide quarantines (which depending on how you are inclined can feel more like house arrests), travel and shopping restrictions. We are not allowed to see our friends.

Some of us may also be dealing with health or financial challenges, the loss of loved ones…

Ok, you get it, it’s a mess!

So the big question is: how do stay sane and practice self-care in this crazy climate.

That’s what I am taking about in this post.

Self-care in the time of the pandemics: 3 tips to cope and feel more balanced. Click To Tweet

1/ Be easy on yourself

If you spend any time on my corner of the interwebs you probably know that I am a positivity freak. I love fluffy, happy-happy, feel good stuff.

That being said, I am not a bot either. 

And I am not going to pretend this is a remotely normal situation.

The world is shutting down, people are losing their lives, their livelihood, we are losing our freedoms. 

There is a lot to digest!

All this to say, I wouldn’t be as callous as to tell you: ‘hey, lady. Just suck it up and look at the bright side. Stop feeling down and be positive.’ 

That’s just not appropriate at this time.

There’s a lot to adjust to: new routines, spending more time at home, maybe trying to work with your children around, not being able to indulge in your favorite pastimes or hug your friends.

And that’s if you’re lucky and you haven’t lost your job, your health or a loved one….

So, yes, this is pretty intense. And I wouldn’t want anybody to pretend otherwise.

Therefore, my first recommendation is to be easy on yourself, allow yourself to find your balance, to mourn your previous life and whatever else you may have lost.

Recognizing that you are alive and that you have ‘feels’ is part of self-care too!

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2/ Establish routines

When your world is turn upside-down it’s easy to feel lost and quickly lose grip on life.

Next thing you know your whole revolves around the same pair of pajamas, unhealthy snacks and the latest must-see series.

Going back to my previous it’s ok to feel lost in the beginning and not be as together as you normally are.

That being said, make sure you don’t slip too far down for too long.

The easiest way to deal with this is to establish new routines. Think  about what matters to you right now, what needs to be taken care of, how you can relax, how you can stay fit, how you can stay connected with your network and establish a routine that balances all these aspects of your life.

Pick a favorite cup to drink from when you work, establish regular tea breaks, have short periods of recreation when you stretch or do some sit-ups.

Basically, try to bring some structure to the madness to regain a sense of control on your life.

3/ Connect / Disconnect

This pandemic is interesting in that it reveals the immense divide between the introverts and the extroverts.

Many introverts are sharing the same feeling: ‘Social distancing? No biggie, I have been preparing for this my whole life.’

On the the other end of the spectrum the extroverts are beginning to experience massive cabin fever, climbing up the walls from lack of social connection and stimulation.

Whichever side you fall on, the  truth is that we are a social species. We may strive on a lower or higher level of social interactions, but we all do need some form of social interactions.

Make sure to stay connected.

Keep organizing meetings and social gatherings virtually, reach out to people to see how they are doing (I am looking at you, dear introverts! Make that call, send that email!!). Keep the connections that keep us alive going!

On the flip side though, you may also want to disconnect. 

There’s a lot of doom and gloom out there, a lot propaganda, a lot of dishonest or misguided information floating out there.

Part of being a responsible adult is being informed.
However, you must also keep your sanity.

Feel free to disconnect from the flow of the news once in a while, that will help you stay balanced and cope better.

That’s all for now!

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Pinterest banner: Self-care in times of pandemic
Pinterest banner: Self-care in times of pandemic
Pinterest banner: Self-care in times of pandemic
Pinterest banner: Self-care in times of pandemic

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