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These cost-effective virtual workshops will help you quickly regain balance and recreate a more joyful and meaningful life. 

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Start Over & reinvent Yourself!

Blossom : 12 months to a new life.

This virtual workshop is for you if you’ve reached your tipping point and you’re eager for a blank slate so you can start over.

This is a complete turn-key system to soul-search, brainstorm, re-imagine and manifest your best life over the next 12 months… without overwhelm!

Get Unstuck & set new goals!

Envision : Imagine Innotive solutions & get inspired.

If you’re feeling stuck, confused, uninspired by your life, this workshop is for you.

This virtual workshop relies on a playful process to help you regain clarity on your life, identify novel solutions to your challenges and initiate the process of bringing these ideal outcomes to life in an extremely leveraged fashion.


attract the man you dream of!

BeLOVED : 6 Weeks To Manifest Mr right.

Success is sweeter when you share it with someone special!

This virtual workshop provides you with a simple 6-week framework to troubleshoot your love life, heal your heart, release the negative beliefs that keep you stuck in negative relationship cycles and initiate the process of manifesting the relationship of your dreams.

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Looking for a done-for-you, customized solution?

These bespoke, 1-on-1 coaching offers are for you.

"I would most definitely recommend you to anyone who needs to negotiate a transition period in their life. They will be challenged in their convictions, and compelled to re-evaluate their views on themselves and the world. But they will achieve amazing results!”