How To Redesign Your Life Without Overwhelm


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Reinventing your life bears many similarities to remodeling a house.

You may need to: dig out the foundations to deal with any structural damage, remove some walls to re-organize the space, carve out the walls and the ceiling to add fancier lights, tear down old tiles to refresh you bathroom or your kitchen, take down old wallpaper, replaster and repaint the walls, sell old furniture to make space for new ones, choose new furniture, select accessories…

Yes, you get it: it can be a huge, overwhelming mess!

And it can take years.

Redesigning your life: the hard way

Reinventing your life is very much the same.

Think about it: imagine you are a college drop-out stuck doing entry level jobs.

You’re capable and smart but you just haven’t found the right path for you yet.
So you’re toiling, doing the most uninspiring work to pay the bills while you figure things out.

You want to do great things, you want more challenging work that pays you well and taps into your gifts.

You want to nurture you creative side, to find more challenging work and also have time to get creative side.

Ideally you’d also like to be somewhere sunny because winter is seriously getting to you.

Now, if you were in this situation and you wanted to redesign your life, you’d probably have a few years of work ahead of you before getting yourself in a position that would satisfy all your criteria.

Most people would agree that before anything you would need to go back to school and complete your education. That’s a few years right there.

Once you find your first job (at the bottom of the ladder), you’re going to have to pay your dues and put in the hours to learn the ropes. Obviously that doesn’t leave much time any creative endeavor…

As far as the sun is concerned, well, there’s always vacations. And if you climb high enough, eventually you may, in due time, be offered a position in one of your company’s offices abroard.

It just a matter of patience.

Yep, just like remodeling a house this is quite labor-intensive and it can take years.

It’s not the fastest plan.

You have to make a lot of compromises.

And the results are far from ideal.

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What if you’re not willing to wait for years? What if you don’t want to compromise?

Common wisdom would probably say: ‘you’re out of luck, kiddo. You’ve got to suck it up, stop acting like a child and get with the program’.

That is unless you know how to work with manifestation.

Redesigning your life: the fast track

Manifestation is the art of lining up with personal energy towards a specific objective and tapping into powerful universal laws to achieve results with a fraction of the efforts it would normally take.

Manifestation is at the heart of my reinvention programs and it’s part of my secret sauce to redesign your life on the fast track.

The college drop-out in that story was me some 20 odds years ago.

Now let me tell you how the story really went.

I didn’t go back to school (at least not at that time) and I did get my well-paid job with responsibility, plenty of time for my art and daily sunshine.

Except it didn’t take years.

It took months!!

The secret? Manifestation.

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Redesigning your life: the hack

That was my first attempt at redesigning my life with that technique.

Over the past 20+ years I have experimented to refine the process and developed my own methodology.

I have used this process many times with great success and my clients also achieve similar results.

If you’re curious about how the details of how I managed to turn my life around in so little time, I gave an interview on Educated Hustle where I share the story.

Just click here to listen to the whole interview and if you enjoy the show make sure to rate it on iTunes.

You will learn more about:

– How manifestation can help you reinvent your life without overwhelm

– How I got started with manifestation

– The incredible feats that can be achieved with manifestation. (Get ready to be blown-away!)

VIP Vault Bonus: And to go even further, make sure to watch this in-depth free training where I share my complete life reinvention process.

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Just like remodeling your house, redesigning your life can be overwhelming. This article shares the secret to redesigning your life without overwhelm.

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Last updated on Dec. 18th, 2019



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