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Quick start: purpose

The ambitious woman guide to purpose when you' feel unfulfilled

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Is this really all there is…?

You have big dreams and ambitions.

You want to leave your mark.

When you started out on your path to success, you were convinced that you were involving yourself with important and meaningful work.

Now with hindsight, you realize that you may have been dazzled by the perceived prestige of the life you were pursuing.

With each day that passes you’re getting more and more disillusioned with climbing your way up the ladder.

You’re starting to wonder if there’s ever going to be an end to the drudgery.
Especially, when you look at the life of those who are already there, and realize that things are not necessarily better at the top.

You’re toiling with no clear sense of the value you’re adding.

And to be perfectly honest, you may even start to question the interests you’re serving.


You want to feel that you have a purpose and that you’re making a positive impact, but you’re no longer sure of the ‘how’.

The articles below will give you some inspiration and insights to start shifting things around.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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