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Classy single woman guide to attracting love without getting hurt

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Could success taste better with someone by your side…?

You’re running your life like a tight ship and all would be well if your love life didn’t resemble the Titanic.

You’re smart, witty, lovely and quite successful but you can’t seem to find the man you’re looking for.

At this point you’re starting to get creeped out by the dating scene and your heart is not really into creative love arrangements.

You want a real, solid, loving, respectful, meaningful, long-lasting relationship and maybe even little ones down the road.

Right now though, it feels like you might as well be looking for a purple unicorn.

Between the creeps, the players, the unavailable men and the demographics not playing in your favor, finding your match is proving to be quite a challenge.

You’re frustrated, discouraged and confused.

You still want to believe there’s someone for you out-there, but it’s getting harder with each heartbreak.

The articles and resources below will give you a fresh perspective and some new insights on what could be going wrong and how you can begin to turn your love life around.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Where are all the good men? If you’ve ever wondered if there was a secret place where the good men are hiding this article spills the beans on where to find them.

Avoid dating these men like the plague if you want to keep your heart and your dignity intact. Make sure to grab my 20 Red Flags list that will help you cull out the time-wasters.

– Here are 3 Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Finding Love

– Dating: Soft skills vs. deep energetics. You probably got the first set down, how about the second one?

– Why is love so hard? The energetic perspective. (Video)

– Why do we manifest bad relationships? Here’s my take.

– 35 & Single: The Best Time to Find Love? Find out more here.

– High standards are important in love as in anything else. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it. Here’s how to tell if you’re acting like a diva: (video)

– In the same vein, it’s could be usual to revisit your feelings about men and romance. This could also be sabotaging your efforts.

– There’s an easier way to find love: the feminine way. This is how it can help you.

– Done with the heartbreaks and the dating scene? This program will show you how to eliminate your sabotaging patterns and attract Mr Right with your heart and dignity intact.

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