Quick start: Love

Classy single woman guide to attracting love without getting hurt

Still looking for Mr Right?

You run your life like a tight ship and all would be well if your love life didn’t resemble the Titanic.

You just want a solid, loving, respectful, meaningful, long-lasting relationship and maybe even little ones down the road. Sadly, right now it feels as if you may as well be looking for a purple unicorn.

Between the psychos, the creeps, the lames, the players, the unavailable men and the demographics not playing in your favor, finding your match is proving to be quite a challenge. And while you still want to believe there’s someone for you out-there, but it’s getting harder with each heartbreak.

If this sounds like what you’re going through, take heart: the resources below will give you fresh perspective on how to turn your love life around.

Some resources to get you started:

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