Quick start: Clarity

Ambitious woman guide to clarity when your life feels off

What’s wrong?

You thought you were doing everything right: you invested yourself heart and soul, you studied even harder, you’ve worked hard, you followed the path to success that had been laid in front of you.

And you are successful.

But something is not working.

You can’t shake the feeling that things are terribly off… even if to the outside world you life is picture perfect.

You don’t know how to get back on track.

And then there are all these questions:

– Should I quit (your job/ business/ career/ relationship… you name it!)?

– How did I get there?

– How can I fix this?

– What’s going to happen to me?

– How can I make it work?

– Can I make it work even?

– What do I want?

– And many more…!

What you need right now is more clarity.

While answering all these questions requires some deep introspection, the articles below can start to point you in the right direction:

Here are some resources to get you started:

– If your life doesn’t feel right, these may be some of the reasons why it has gone off-track.

– If you’re in need of clarity, the tips I share in this video are very powerful. Don’t set new goals without doing this first! (Video)

– It can be scary to realize that what you’ve spend so much time to build is starting to crumble.
But what if the world collapsing around you was actually a great opportunity to see things more clearly? (Video)

– If you need more clarity around your career, this short guide will help you figure out if it’s time to quit your soul-crushing job.

– Positivity is a very valuable character trait. But what if being too positive was actually hindering your progress?

– If you’re stuck remove these 2 words from your vocabulary. Click here for part 2

– The self-love can also be a confusing notion. Read this article to make sure to avoid this trap.

– Finally if you need more clarity, don’t be like this bee.

This training will also help you get clarity…