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Update June 29th, 2019: Pinterest has closed all the communities. Instead they have been transformed into group boards. These are boards which allow you to pin collaboratively around a chosen topic. I have updated the post with links to my own group boards.

Have you heard of Pinterest communities? Pinterest communities are the new talk of the town. Here’s what it’s all about.

You probably already use Pinterest. It’s beautiful, it’s inspiring, it allows you to find tons of useful tips. It’s a fantastic platform to spend hours daydreaming, imagining, planning how to reinvent yourself or manifest your best life. I use the tool quite frequently myself.

Now so far Pinterest was about searching for content, adding your pins, all alone in your corner. Granted, they had added group boards a few years ago but the community aspect never really took off. For the most part group boards have become these impersonal boards where pins are added automatically without much interaction. They have also added a commenting functionality to the pins, but again to me the use of this functionality seems quite marginal.



Pinterest communities are a game changer. They emulate the groups we have been accustomed to finding on other social media platforms and really bring back a social aspect to Pinterest. You can connect with other members, chat, share tips, ask questions. Communities are arranged by topics so I believe they have the potential to become valuable resources where you get insights, feedback from other members in very specific topics. You need help with a recipe? Feedback on a work-out regimen? Jump in the relevant community and ask. Yes, Pinterest communities are the new social hub of Pinterest!

Sounds great, right?

Some caveats though: so far the functionalities are somewhat limited. Although, platform is working on introducing more.
And most importantly, it is still a secret feature. The only way to access communities is to be invited to join one. That’s when the whole community environment will become available to your account. But I have something for you!



These communities are closed. Here are my group boards instead:

Since I don’t use the mastodont of online groups, and I haven’t had a place to connect online like this for some time, I had to get in on the action and create my own Pinterest communities.

I have created 2 Pinterest communities:

Reinvent yourself!
This community is about pivoting, getting unstuck and finding the inspiration, the tools, to transform your life and reinvent yourself.

Manifest your dream life!
This community is about tapping into manifestation, vision boards, your mindset, your belief system to manifest and sustain your dream life.

Want to chat? Get inspired? Share your insights?
Just join. It’s easy, it’s free.



Now, as much as I’m excited about those new Pinterest communities and I intend to be active and supportive in both, I’m still going to keep my best content for my VIPs, the members of my inner circle. That’s where my loyalty goes because they are the people who’ve been with me for some time. That’s why they get my best tips, my more in-depth content, my free resources, my best deals and my secret programs on reinventing yourself and manifesting your dream life. If you’re not in, consider joining now (it’s free by the way)!

That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing where these Pinterest communities go and I am thrilled to have a new place to connect online and have conversations online.


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