Why You Need To Dump Your Perfect Man List. (2023)


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Last updated on Sep. 1st, 2023.

If you are single you’ve probably sat down once and made ‘the perfect man list’. You know, the list of qualities your dream man must have.

For many women the list goes something like this: ‘He must be charming, has great sense of humor, solid education, a fantastic career, makes over 6 figures in earnings and 6 ft tall.

This guy sounds like a catch, right?

Hmmm, nope! 

Whenever I read this, I want to scream.
The Perfect Man list is a single woman’s worst enemy!

Here’s why:

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The problem with the perfect man list.

It’s not safe!

First, lots  of serial cheaters, abusers, and psychos fit this profile. 

Women get cheated on or abused everyday by partners who fit exactly this description. I have seen too many women lower their guard the moment a man has graduated from the ‘ideal’ institution or has the right job title and that’s not very wise…

Actually, it’s quite dangerous.

The problem with the list is that it does not provide any criteria to vet whether or not a potential partner is safe to be around. It assumes that an easy-going attitude and a certain social class means safety, and nothing coould be further from the truth.

A narcissist, for example, would easily slip through the cracks. 

If you don’t know anything about narcissists, they are masters at appearing like the perfect citizen but beneath the polished veneer they are very dark and toxic. They are very charming, charismatic, witty, intelligent and worldly. They are also very calculating and cruel.

The prototype of someone who will fit into the list perfectly but turn out to be a monster.

Additionally, although women can be narcissists, there are much more male narcissists, this is not something to be under-estimated.

The list is not a good vetting system when it comes to safety.

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It’s not comprehensive.

The perfect man list is also missing a huge chunk of data on what makes a successful relationship: compatibility in values, personalities, dreams, ideals…

You don’t build a solid relationship on a good sense of style and having both gone to a prestigious school.

Long-lasting, loving, healthy relatinships are much deeper than that!

The perfect man list is a trap!

The problem with the list is basically that it keeps you focusing on the wrong me because it does not define what’s important to establish a relationship and keep it going.

Instead of a perfect man list here’s what I recommend instead: a relationship blueprint.

A relationship blueprint is a perfect man list on steroids: much more precise and detailed!

It helps you weed out the time-wasters and helps you identify better matches.
It also helps you tune into who you are, where you are going, the type of relationship you want, what you are willing to give, and what you can expect to get.

With a relationship blueprint you can easily identify someone that complements your vision.

Instead of focusing on superficial features, it dives into fundamental relationship dynamics: how you treat each other, how you spend your days, how you grow together…

And, because it relies on manifestation you can let your imagination run wild.

When you work with a relationship blueprint, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to find this man, all you have to do is use your focus and your energetic system to attract him.

Big difference!

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Designing a relationship blueprint

If you are ready to lose the perfect man list and harness the power of a relationship blueprint, here’s what you will need to get clear on.

– Who you are.

– Where you are going.

– What type of man would fit into your life and grow with you perfectly.

Do some soul-searching and start answering those questions, pretty soon you’ll have a better idea of what the perfect relationship for you would look like.

If you’d like the shortcut, I detail the whole process in Beloved, my coaching program that teaches you how to manifest true love.

There’s a whole chapter dedicated to this step that will help you get clarity on what constitutes an ideal relationship for you.

Interested? You can learn more here!

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