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Does this sound like you?

'Success would taste sweet', they said. But that wasn't true...

You did everything according to the rules, you’ve made tons of sacrifices and it paid off: you’re successful.
However, you are not as happy nor as fulfilled as you would have expected.

And right now, you are seriously questioning your path in life.

Here's what we do here:

You are competent and accomplished. However, we all have blind spots.

Whether bespoke or prêt-à-porter, my coaching programs support you in shining a fresh light onto those blind spots.

As you gain a new insights, perspective and tools, you will be able to create innovative solutions to your challenges and get back on track faster than you could ever have imagined.

  • Help you regain clarity
  • Find innovative solutions
  • Manifest a life you love

Bonjour, I am Dominique!

Welcome to my virtual home!

We should get along just fine: I am a bit of a misfit myself. And I, too, took a few bitter rides on ‘perfection’ train.
However, when things started to get stale I jumped off.
What saved me every time is that I had developed an unconventional (not to say magical!) toolbox which I used to get back to my sweet spot at the speed of light.

With STRETCH+BLOOM I share with you my best tools and strategies so you can make your own escape safely.

"All my lost energy and joy are pulsing back into my veins. And now I know, I'm convinced that I can and will get everything that is so important for me.”
Yoga instructor

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