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    • How To Reinvent Your Life

      VIP Vault Bonus: I have released an in-depth training to take this process even further. In this video you will learn the exact steps of my reinvention process as well as my favorite hack to create massive results in a fraction of the time and the biggest trap high-achieving women need to avoid to successfully […]

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    • New Career or New Life? Here’s What You Need to Know

      Getting a new career is often at the top of people new year’s resolutions lists. Fair enough after all, work is one of that’s where we spend the most time so if there are changes to make, it seems straightforward enough that a career change could make a huge improvement in your well-being. But before […]

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    • Stop Making This New Year Resolution Mistake!

      You know I’m all about positive-thinking and I would generally say that optimism is a good trait. That is until it is not. Because, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, optimism is the kiss of death. Actually, being optimistic is one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions mistakes you can make. Here’s why. Listen […]

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    • The 90-Day Success Plan: The Secret Weapon to Reach Your Objectives!

      ‘New year, new me’ season is upon and unfortunately for many people this will once again translate in ‘new year, same old’. It’s not for a lack of desire or drive. It’s often due to a lack of adequate planning and organization. Life gets in the way and soon enough all the resolutions and plans […]

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    • Resolution ideas to create a great life all around

      Today’s post will give you some resolution ideas to help you create a great life all around. You know how I am all about holistic living. What’s the point of having a fab’ job if you’re feeling lonely and stressed out? You want a life that works on all front. And today’s we’re talking about […]

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    • The Cost of Not Pursuing Your Dreams (Yes, it’s real!)

      The cost of not following your dreams? You’ve probably thought about how dangerous following your dreams can be. All the horror stories about the lack of stability, what will happen to you if things go wrong if you fail. What is less often talked about is the cost of not pursuing your dreams. This is […]

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