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    • How To Reinvent Your Life

      May 2017 update: I have just released a new in-depth training to take this process even further. In this video you will learn the exact steps of my reinvention process as well as my favorite hack to create massive results in a fraction of the time and the biggest trap high-achieving women need to avoid […]

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    • Why You Need To Dump Your Perfect Man List And What To Do Instead

      If you are single you’ve probably sat down once and made ‘the perfect man list’. You know, the list of qualities your dream man must have. For many women the list goes something like this: ´he must be charming, has great sense of humor, solid education, a fantastic career, makes over 6 figures in earnings and […]

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    • Ready for a summer challenge?

      Ready for a summer challenge? Summer is here! Finally you can savor a well-deserved break, work on your tan, enjoy sunny days at the beach, sunset drinks with friends. Life just feels perfect! That is until September comes around and you realize that while you were relaxing your cherished dreams took the back seat and […]

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    • 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Following Your Dreams

      Everywhere you turn these days someone is urging you start following your dreams. There are glowing testimonials, flamboyant stories, glitzy pictures. It just looks so easy: sipping martinis on the beach, traveling the world, living the life. You start thinking that you too should be getting on that path. Before you take the plunge, here are […]

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    • 5 fears you must overcome if you want to live an authentic life

      Living an authentic life is an appealing proposition until you start considering what it entails: that’s when fear, this old friend, comes out. Today I want to talk about 5 crucial fears you must overcome if you want to live an authentic life. 1/ THE FEAR OF STANDING OUT The fear of standing out is […]

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    • A classy woman’s guide to using the law of attraction to manifest true love

      What do you do when you’ve tried everything and you still can’t find the One? You’re this pretty awesome lady with a great business or career, amazing friends. You’re doing great in life. Except when it comes to love… Whether you keep attracting players, losers or commitment-phobes, whether you find it hard to get past […]

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