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your Turnkey Personal Retreat plan.

Dreaming of Taking a Retreat...

... But not ready to splurge or to travel far away?

A weekend all to yourself!

Design Your Retreat Effortlessly...


Just follow the instructions in Weekend Retreat to plan your retreat dates, location, activities…


Good for your mind, body & spirit with soul searching prompts, affirmations, activities suggestions…


With 7 retreat themes to choose from & an fully customizable retreat plan to mix & match your favorite ideas.

the (affordable) weekend retreat

To Reconnect with yourself!

Now 76€!

Mockup weekend retreat planner

So easy to Plan: just follow along!

Finally, the perfect retreat!

Retreats are amazing but let’s face it, they are not always convenient: booked out, far away, out of your budget, wrong timing… That’s when designing your own retreat makes sense: no constraints, only what you love, on your time. 

Except, designing a retreat takes time and energy…

Weekend Retreat Planner is designed to help you create the perfect retreat within your constraints, without stress!

Enters weekend Retreat Planner!

With its 7 personal retreat templates centered around different moods and purposes Weekend Retreat Planner helps you plan an inspiring and affordable retreat aligned with your needs. 

Would you like to pamper yourself? … Get creative? Or, do you need to relax? 

Weekend Retreat Planner has got you covered with a retreat schedule, activity lists, packing list, affirmations for your preferred retreat style.

Weekend Retreat Planner also includes a customizable retreat plan so if you don’t exactly find the theme for you, you can quickly customize your own retreat out of all the other suggestions.


A Weekend To Find Yourself!


Weekend Retreat is designed around the timeframe of a weekend: long enough to catch a break and reset your life, short enough to fit in a busy schedule.

Of course, this is only a suggestion, you can customize your retreat according to your needs.

Need more support?

You’re not alone!

Weekend Retreat Planner also includes 1 Office Hours access if youneed to quickly debrief your retreats insight. Of course, you can also book additional support to guide your soul-searching.

7 exciting themes To choose from...

here's what you'll get...

76€ Only!

... or Customize Your Personal retreat!

Retreats are so powerful...

They are my secret weapon!

Hi, I’m Dominique. Personal retreats have been instrumental in my overcoming big life challenges such as burnout or a 180° degree career change. With Weekend Retreat Planner I want to share their benefits with you. 

As busy ladies, we’re constantly juggling a millions plates, it’s not easy to stay balanced, let alone gain perspective on what’s happening in our lives!

Personal retreats allow you to slow down, reflect and reframe. More importantly, they help you to stay balanced and help you course-correct your life. No competition, no judging, just you with yourself getting back to your true self. 

"All my lost energy and joy are pulsing back into my veins. And now I know, I'm convinced that I can and will get everything that is so important for me.”
Yoga instructor

enjoy your retreat!

so, what are you doing this weekend?

Mockup weekend retreat planner


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It's time to reconnect with yourself!

"Dominique helped me realize that I can take control over what happens in my life and turn it toward success and happiness rather than just drifting in the flow of events."