21 days to break the stress cycle & Find balance again!

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Tired of Feeling stressed out?

Between a life bursting at the seams with career and personal obligations, and the ‘always-on’ culture we live in, things are getting a little too much!

Whether you’re fighting constant exhaustion, sleepless nights, anxiety, foggy brain, you’re headed for burnout and something needs to change!

Break the stress cycle for good!

When your life is spinning out of control, it takes more than a few superficial changes to improve things. You need a deep reboot to break the stress cycle once and for all!

Exhale will help you…

Your stress

your mindset

Establish healthier habits

Exhale: 21 days to Destress & Prevent burnout!

Workshop content

Exhale is chock-full of quick and easy wins to destress immediately. It also guides you through key mindset upgrades to avoid stress and prevent burnout.

  • Quick wins for immediate relief.
  • Bite-sized into fit in your busy life.
  • Actionable tips for rapid changes.
  • Deep insights to uproot the issues.
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How this works

Exhale is designed to fit into your very tight career woman schedule, help you create lasting changes and reduce your stress over the course of 21 days.


Daily actionable suggestions to destress.


Daily assignments to break the stress cycle.


Guided meditations & Office Hours for support.

Exhale includes:

21 days of “Live stress-free” insights.

Bite-sized insights to challenge the sabotaging patterns that keep you stressed out & upgrade your mindset for more balance. (Daily emails)

“break the stress cycle” Printable Workbook

Quick daily assignments to guide your soul-searching, help you establish lasting stress-free living habits & achieve quick wins. (Editable PDF)

2 powerful Live-stress-free meditations:

“Relax”, a soothing guided meditation;
“Reset”, a guided meditation to tweak your mindset whenever you need a pick-me-up. (Downloadable MP3s)

Bonus support:

One-time access to monthly Office Hours for added clarity & accountability.(*)

What you Will learn…

✓ Simple hacks to destress & lift up your mood on cue.

✓ Easy tools to fight the negative mindsets that keep you stuck in the stress cycle.

✓ New habits to live more intentionally & feel less stressed.

✓ New mindsets to stop sabotaging yourself & feel more balanced.

✓ New tools to create a stress-free life.

You’re not alone…

Bonjour, I am Dominique, your balance partner!

I created Exhale because I, too, have paid a steep price for wearing the cape.
It took me 3 months away from the world to begin to recover my health and mental balance after burning out.

What I have learned from this recovery is that, yes, I certainly was overburdened by the demands of life but patterns such as eagerness to please or weak boundaries were also sabotaging my life.

In Exhale, I share with you some of my best tools & insights to help you break the stress cycle for good!

“Dominique helped me realize that I can take control over what happens in my life and turn it toward success and happiness rather than just drifting in the flow of events.”

Lisa, Consultant

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(*)Office hours are available on a monthly basis. Delivery format may change without notice: currently either a 10-min 1-on-1 laser support call or a group call depending on attendance. Enrollment in Exhale (formerly Smart, Sassy & Stress-free) gives you access to 1 Office Hours session redeemable up to 2 months following the date you joined.

“I also managed to develop new exciting tactics to lift up my mood and to become more confident in myself and in my power to change my life.”
Georgia, Yoga instructor