Say bye to your stress!

Done with your stress?

Smart, Sassy & Stress-free gives you 21 days of actionable insights to break the stress cycle and go from frazzled Superwoman to poised queen.

stress doesn't look good on you...

Ambitions are great but the pressure that comes from trying to have-it-all doesn’t feel so fab…

Between your life bursting at the seams with obligations, the ever-increasing demands of your work and the ‘always-on’ culture we live in, it’s all getting too much!

Lately, you’re really bearing the brunt of it: the sleepless nights, the anxiety, the foggy brain, the struggle to hold back tears at the most inappropriate time…

Something needs to change before you make a serious mistake (or get seriously ill). You just can’t afford to collapse and breakdown, there’s simply too much on the line.

this can't go on for ever...

  • Coping is no longer enough, you have to find a way to break this infernal stress cycle.
  • You’re frazzled and exhausted. You can’t even imagine taking on another project.
  • It’s such a struggle to keep up appearances and give the impression of being in control.
  • You are fearful and anxious worrying about what would happen if couldn’t hold it anymore.
  • You’ve already invested so much, you can’t afford to lose it all…

How about smart, Sassy & Stress-free instead?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to quickly (and without any added stress!) turn the tide around and regain balance in your life?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

You can certainly have ambitions and dreams without giving up on your health and mental sanity.

And getting off the train to Frazzledtown can be a quick and pleasant experience!!

21 days to a stress-free you....!

  • Reduce your stress
  • Address the causes of your stress
  • Upgrade your mindset & habits

Twenty-one days is all it takes to initiate lasting changes in your life.

Within 21 days, you could have durably reduced your stress, upgraded your mindset and established new habits to create more balance in your life.

smart, sassy & stress-free:

21 days to regain poise & balance.

When your life is spinning out of control, it takes more than a few cosmetics changes to improve things.
Yes, you do need the quick pick-me-ups to relax and cope. However, you also need to get clear on the deeper causes to break the cycle of stress for good!

This is what Smart, Sassy & Stress-free will help you achieve.

Smart, Sassy & Stress-free is chock-full of quick and easy wins to improve your well-being immediately. It also guides you through key mindset upgrades to set up a stress-free life.

You will begin to feel better right away and within 21 days you will hold powerful keys to foster a more balanced life.

  • Quick wins for immediate relief.
  • Bite-sized daily trainings because you're so busy.
  • Actionable tips to initiate changes right away.
  • Deep insights to guide you to the root of the issues.
  • Unconventional tools for more leverage and less stress.

Quick (but mighty) wins without overwhelm!

This is what you can expect:

You’ve got so much on your plate.
Smart, Sassy & Stress-free has been calibrated to fit in a very tight schedule.

You will receive a short daily actionable insight delivered right to your inbox for 21 days.
The trainings will provide you with quick gains for immediate stress-relief.
As we progress and you begin to create more balance in your life, we’ll dive into deeper insights.

Your Smart, Sassy & Stress-free guidebook will help you complete the short daily assignments.

The ‘Relax’,  ‘Reset’ guided meditations and the Office Hours coaching will provide you with any additional support you may need.

Smart, Sassy & stress-free includes:

  • 21 days of actionable bite-sized trainings sent directly to your inbox.
  • A 'Smart, Sassy & Stress-free' workbook with daily assignments.
  • 2 powerful meditations: 'Relax', a soothing guided meditation; 'Reset', a mindset upgrade guided meditation to use anytime you need a pick-me-up.
  • Bonus coaching: 1-time access to monthly Office Hours.(*)

You're not alone...

Bonjour, I am Dominique, your coach!

I created Smart, Sassy & Stress-free because I, too, have paid a steep price on the altar of ambition.
It took me 3 months away from the world to begin to recover my health and mental balance after my last corporate position…

That’s why this topic is so dear to me.
You don’t have to get that deep into the imbalance. There’s a better way to go about building your dreams.

The key to lasting stress-free living.

What I have learned from this recovery is that, yes, I certainly was overburdened by the demands of my role and I had allowed myself to fall for unhealthy (but convenient) coping tricks.

In truth, though, the issue was deeper than that. There were hidden reasons why I had found myself in this position to begin with and I had to make fundamental adjustments to see lasting results.

And as much as I am the prototype of the ambitious, tough-cookie, I had to come to terms with underlying sabotaging patterns such as eagerness to please or weak boundaries (so common in women) that were also at play.

This is what Smart, Sassy & Stress-free addresses.

Quick wins are good, lasting solutions are better.

Smart, Sassy & Stress-free gives you both!

Smart, Sassy & Stress-free takes the form of a 21 day challenge where you get quick wins inspired from strategies I have used to recover, as well as deeper insights and upgrades to your mindset and to your life to banish stress for good!

An affordable investment!

I know that financial concerns are often at the heart of the stress cycle, this is why Smart, Sassy & Stress-free is such an affordable (and smart!) investment: you can kiss your stress goodbye and upgrade your life for good for the price of a facial!

Why go for the quick fix when you can get a lasting solution?!

"I also managed to develop new exciting tactics to lift up my mood and to become more confident in myself and in my power to change my life. "
Yoga instructor

ready for Smart, Sassy, Stress-Free?

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(*)Office hours are available on a monthly basis. Delivery format may change without notice: currently eiher a 10-min 1-on-1 laser coaching or a group call depending on attendance. Enrollment in Smart, Sassy & Stress-free gives you access to 1 office hours session redeemable up to 2 months following the date you joined.

"Dominique helped me realize that I can take control over what happens in my life and turn it toward success and happiness rather than just drifting in the flow of events."


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