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get your Smile Back…
with a vision board!

ENVISION: Make a vision board that actually fixes your life.

A playful way to solve the common challenges career women face & manifest the perfect breakthrough!

197€ Only!

Seen Better Days?​

You’re facing challenges in your career, your love life or maybe your health that you are not quite able to solve.

Right now, you’re feeling pretty lost and overwhelmed, trying to figure out what happened, how to move forward…

… and dreading all the uphill battle to turn things around!

The Bind…​

  • So far, your smarts & your skills have not been a match for this challenge.
  • You’re so busy. You don’t have time to brainstorm solutions forever & things can’t go on like this.
  • You’re already overwhelmed, you don’t need another uphill battle…

Creating Big Breakthroughs Does Not Have To Be So Hard…​

Could you use this…?


You’re a smart lady who dropped out of college to find herself, and now finds herself stuck in dead-end entry-level jobs. You’re bored and yearning for a huge change: meaning, passion, financial abundance, time for creativity, life under the sun…

Basically you want it all.. and preferably yesterday!

Obviously, with your dazzling resumé and your absence of connections, obtaining this kind of lifestyle would probably take years, if even…

What if you knew a simple technique that could allow you to troubleshoot your life and reach your dreams really fast, say within 6 months?!

Well, this was my story…

With this technique and within a few short months I got offered a perfect position (without even making a call!) which solved all my woes.

And this was not a fluke!

I have been using this technique for more than 25 years now and I teach my clients how to successfully do the same.

Could You Use Some Of This ‘Magic’ In Your Life?

I know it sounds too good to be true, But It’s Actually Super Rational…​

Before you dismiss this whole thing as too good to be true, woo-woo nonsense, let me explain how this works. It’s actually quite rational.

Ever used a dog whistle?
You can’t hear a thing, right? But your dog sure can.


That’s because his ears are calibrated to pick up the frequency of the whistle and yours are not. 

The whistle is outside of your range of perception.
It doesn’t mean that the whistle doesn’t exist, it only means you can’t hear it.

Crucial difference!

What does this have to do with your current challenges?

Well, we function in a similar way: we are attuned to a certain experience range and we only perceive what we are attuned to.

You’ve probably noticed that when you are down everything seems to go wrong and that when you’re happy everything seems to work in your favor?

That’s what we are talking about!

This technique I am going to share with you is about tuning yourself up to access new solutions to your challenges… without the uphill battle!

Nothing magical!
It’s just a simple, practical hack based on a deeper understanding of the way our universe works.

Enters the vision board!

A vision board is a great tool to harness the power of this technique!

Making a vision board is a fun way to lift up your spirit and it helps you attune yourself to a new range of solutions which previously seemed out of reach.

Vision boards are fantastic but there’s a huge caveat…

You Don’t Need A Vision Board,
You Need The Right Vision Board.

Vision boards are trendy. 
Everywhere you can find instructions on making vision boards: ‘Take a pile of magazines, find pretty pictures that inspire you and paste away!!’.

Fun way to spend an afternoon, however, this probably won’t do when it comes to fixing your life…

let’s be serious, you’re facing real challenges, you need more than a craft project…

You need clarity on your situation

✕ Flipping through pretty magazines doesn’t help.

✓ Deep soul-searching does.

You need to solve specific challenges

✕ Flipping through pretty magazines doesn’t help.

✓ A clear analysis of your situation does.

You need to calm your emotions

✕ Flipping through pretty magazines doesn’t help.

✓ Addressing the root of these emotions does.

Here’s what You’ll Achieve….​

  • Deep soul-searching to get to the root cause of your woes without overwhelm!
  • Design a couture-fit solution that targets every facets of your specific challenges!
  • Lift up your spirit & feel empowered to achieve a quick turnaround!

And additionally, just like in my story, you’ll attract everything you need to troubleshoot your life lightning-fast!

This Is Not About Making A Pretty Collage.
This Is About Having A Solid Breakthrough Strategy.​

Envision: Troubleshoot your life… with a vision board!

Make A Vision Board That Actually Fixes Your Life.

A playful workshop that helps you solve your most pressing challenges & manifest the perfect breakthrough easily!

  • Make a powerful vision board that solves your most pressing challenges.
  • Manifest an amazing breakthrough with a fraction of the effort.
  • Eliminate your stumbling blocks before they throw you off!
  • Deep soul-searching to create the best outcome.
  • Rebuild your confidence & resilience.

“This workshop is super appealing, it’s an endless source of inspiration both visually, structurally and even scientifically! It covers all aspects of what I need to know about a vision board and it takes away my fear of being overwhelmed of not knowing what to do and where to begin.”​


Media executive

A Fun & Powerful Way To Troubleshoot Your Life.​

“Dominique helped me realize that I can take control over what happens in my life and turn it toward success and happiness rather than just drifting in the flow of events.”



This Is What We’re Going To Cover…​

Step 1: Planning your vision board

You have real challenges, you need a real methodology.

Unfortunately, that where things normally begin to go wrong. At best you may get some vague instructions like ‘get clarity, identify your values and showcase your goals’.

Sounds great but…

  • How do you gain clarity on your challenges?
  • How do you identify your true values?
  • How do you make sure you to follow the right goals for you?

When I ran this workshop live, the participants were often shocked that they had gained so much clarity when we were done that their board had nothing to do with what they initially thought they needed.

In my experience, when facing challenges most people struggle with finding clarity and need support in changing their outlook and expanding their minds to new possibilities.

ENVISION provides you with all this: you will be guided to reconnect with yourself, get to the root of your challenges, imagine your ideal solutions, tackle your stumbling blocks and define what needs to feature on your vision board to achieve a perfect breakthrough.

  • A step-by-step walk-through to make a vision board that fixes your life.
  • An insightful workbook with soul-searching prompts to get to the core issues & uproot your challenges.
  • Zeroing-in on your ideal solution & eliminating potential stumbling blocks before they hinder you.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use your vision board so it actually works for you.

‘Get Unstuck’ Guided Meditation​

This relaxing & inspiring guided meditation will help gain clarity & access fresh new insights to troubleshoot your life.

“One of my goals was to attract a co-founder for my business and within a few weeks, I attracted a co-founder who fits well with my vision.”


Event organizer

Step 2: Planning your vision board

Normally when making vision boards people use magazines. That’s fun but it’s not really helpful when you’re trying to illustrate specific challenges.

In ENVISION, I take you on a behind-the-scene tour and show you exactly the tools I use, how to pick the most powerful content, where to source your visuals so you don’t waste time, how to lay your board out…

3 useful case studies

Because it’s easier to learn with concrete examples, ENVISION uses 3 very detailed case studies based on common challenges career women face:

  • How to solve career challenges
  • How to lose weight, improve your fitness & address health issues
  • How to improve your love life or find true love.

You’ll get inspiration from how I design a vision board to tackle these very specific challenges and you will learn how to use this powerful methodology to address most problems you can encounter in life.

A life-changing skill to have and a skill for life!!

  • Step-by-step behind the scene instructions to eliminate confusion.
  • 3 detailed & relatable case studies designed with modern women in mind.

3 Samples Vision Boards

  • Career challenges.
  • Heath and fitness issues.
  • Finding love.

“The way that the workshop is set, speaks to me, because being to new this game, I am being explained why a vision board is useful for me.
It’s super helpful to read about other people’s objectives and to see examples to better understand what may also work for me.”



Step 3: Using your vision board

Many people complain that vision boards don’t work. Often, it’s simply because they haven’t been shown how to use their vision board properly.

In ENVISION, I show you the special way to use your vision board so it actually works for you and delivers the best results.

  • Learn all the best practices to make your vision board a perfect breakthrough ally.

1 Office hours live support session

Just pop in during the monthly Office Hours Session if you feel the need for additional support. (*)

In a nutshell:

In just a few hours, this fun self-paced online workshop will help you harness powerful universal laws with the vision board to solve your most pressing challenges.​

  • Zeroing-in on your ideal breakthrough & eliminating your stumbling blocks for a perfect outcome.​
  • A step-by-step video walk-through to eliminate confusion & address your questions.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use your vision board to actually get results & create an effortless breakthough.
  • Includes:
    Over 2 hours of video instructions, an insightful ‘Get Unstuck’ printable pdf workbook to guide soul-searching, 4 powerful bonuses: 1 ‘Get Unstuck’ guided meditation MP3, 3 sample vision boards addressing common challenges career women experience, 1 Office Hours access for additional support & 1 ‘Get Unstuck’ affirmation set to lift up your spirit or supercharge your vision board.

‘Get unstuck’ affirmation set

A set of powerful affirmations designed to target a broad range of challenges career women face to super-charge your vision board or fight negative thoughts.

“You’re a fountain of information: tactics and sources! :)”


Yoga instructor

“This Is The Breakthrough Formula I Have Personally Been Using For Years!”


I Am Dominique!​

That’s the type of breakthroughs you can achieve when you follow the process I share with you in ENVISION.

What I teach in ENVISION is part of a system that has been delivering results consistently for 25+ years. My clients also use it with great success.

This is a solid, time-tested system you can lean on to troubleshoot your life with confidence. 

Get ready for wild breakthroughs!

“There have been many positive results including the starting of a new job!”​



Envision Makes It So Easy To Get Unstuck!​

Ready For Your Miraculous Breakthrough?​

197€ Only!​

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!​

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