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With Valentine’s day around the corner, it’s easy to feel pressured into finding a date at any cost.

How about taking another approach to this situation and spending time with yourself instead?


Honestly, when you are already feeling the not-so-good sides of single life, there’s nothing worse than adding Joe Random to the equation.

You’ve met Joe Random: the not-so-hot guy who just happens to be there and ask you out when you’re desperate for validation, the guy who is not enough (or too much). The guy that you (or your not-so-wise but well-meaning friends) convince yourself you should give it a try because it’s Valentine’s day and you kind of really neeeeeed a date.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, yes, technically you won’t be alone on that day.

But honestly deep down, you know there’s nothing lonelier than spending time with someone that rubs you the wrong way or bores the hell of you.


Have you heard of these women who marry themselves?

Well… That’s not what I am suggesting…

What I am suggesting is that if you really feel the urge or the pressure to do something special on that day that you did something for yourself.

Actually not only for yourself but for the relationship you dream of.

Instead of wasting energy on a barely decent guy that you know deep down you couldn’t care less about, why not spend time brainstorming what you can do to prepare for your ideal relationship, what you can do to grow into a better partner for the man of your dreams and start planting seeds for the life you would like to have together.

Look into your values, your aspirations, make peace for yourself, release your past, and prepare yourself and your home for Mr Right.

If you’re not sure how to go about this, I have a course that covers that.

The point is your time is precious and you deserve better than Joe!


Another problem with dating this type of men is that when you understand the way manifestation works you also understand that dating guys that don’t really inspire you is very detrimental.

What do I mean?

Well, when you spend time with these men, all the frustration, the dissatisfaction, all the boredom you feel goes out to the Universe and comes back to express itself in your life again in the same form. Remember the Universe is a mirror.

Your energy is stuck in not-so-good, not-a-great match, not-a-lot of fun which means that dating Joe Randoms keeps you dating Joe Randoms.

And even without getting all manifestation on you, when you think about it dating not so great guys kind of reinforces the idea that there are no quality guys out-there.

At the end of a so-so date, all you have really is another name to add to your list not-so great guys.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a bad move.

Of course, getting to know new people is a very important aspect of finding love, you should strive to take time to meet new and exciting man.

Simply make sure to date out of inspiration instead of dating out of fear, desperation, or social pressure.

And if there’s no decent guy in sight, spend time imagining Mr Right!

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