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Last updated July 31st, 2020

As the year starts, most people are still reeling from the holiday spirit, the gifting, the promises of new beginnings that come with the new year… And the free flowing champagne!!!

The euphoria carries on until mid-January when for most people reality strikes back with a vengeance: resolutions are broken, credit card statements show the real price-tag of all the celebrating, work is still hell, prince charming is still nowhere to be found.

Basically, life is still life… And for many it still bites!

I am not trying to rain on the parade.

I simply want to point out something often overlooked in this period: if you don’t take a (honest) assessment of where you stand in life AND take concrete steps towards change, you can’t expect things to magically transform themselves just by a simple digit change on the calendar.

You can't expect things to magically transform themselves just by a simple digit change on the calendar. Click To Tweet

The assessment

I know you’re different. And I know you’re ready to go beyond hope into action and do what it takes to make this year a true success.

So to start with a bang and create magic in this new year, I want to invite you to look back at your past 12 months and evaluate things so you can be empowered:

– What was awesome?

– Where did you rock?

– What really sucked?

– Where did you drop the ball?

For me, I really enjoyed getting more settled in my groove and spending time with some of some of the most beautiful people on this planet but I totally struggled with my energy and too many things going on at the same time.

Full disclosure, that lead me to dropping the ball on some engagements which I am not so proud of.

So in the coming year I am cutting down and shifting priorities: raising the heat on the bliss and taking on ONLY what I can handle.

This change of year is arbitrary and hoping things will change because of it is delusional.
New year’s magic won’t happen if you don’t work it.

'New year's' magic won't happen if you don't work it. Click To Tweet

The formula

Here’s my new year’s magic formula:

  • Pick 5 things that were awesome and find a way to make them even better.
  • Pick 5 things that you never want to experience again and figure out a way to turn things around in the future.
  • You have 12 months.
  • Break each tweak down into 12 steps.
  • And then into 30 smaller steps.

Now get to work!

  • Check regularly on your progress.
  • Course-correct when you deviate, celebrate when you achieve a landmark.

That’s it!

Now go make magic happen and BE AWESOME!


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Update November 2018

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