New Year, New Me! Really?


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The arrival of 2017 brings big promises of change. ‘New year, new me’ being the mantra for many.

And although this change of year is somewhat arbitrary, the pressure is huge on 2017 to deliver.

2016 was intense: it was filled with drama and loss. It has shaken many to the core. Even if you were not directly affected by the events of the past 12 months, 2016 probably has put a lot of things in perspective for you.

Yes, life is precious and fragile. And everything can end swiftly.

More reason to make every minute count.

If you’ve been hiding, coasting on a glitzy but mind-numbing life, this was your cue to stop living a sham.

This is not a dress-rehearsal, this is your life.

There is no second take.

This is as good as it gets.

Remember who you wanted to be when you grow up?

Well newsflash: you’re all grown now!

And your 7 year old self probably wasn’t dreaming of spending weekends polishing reports or of building skills to navigate office politics.

They are more important things in life than spreadsheets!

What did you come here to do?

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For many people ‘new year, new me’ means setting goals like losing a few pounds, going to the gym more or cutting down on latte.

It’s a start.


First, we all know that for most everything will be forgotten in 3 weeks.

Second, this is not exactly going to shift anyone’s life paradigm.

Cutting down in latte!! Woohoo, making waves here!


This sounds more like ‘new year, same old’.

How about something different for a change?

Let’s be wild!

As we enter 2017, I want to challenge you to a massive transformation. A deep core radical change that entails stepping out of hiding, losing the excuses and showing up in a BIG way.

So write the book, start your world changing movement, move half-way accross the world, do this thing, this one big, juicy, scary, exhilarating thing that you’ve been postponing for ever.

Make 2017 a time where you actually L.I.V.E!

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Success in 2017

I know it’s a huge endeavor and it can be scary as hell so after the tough love let me share some of my best tips to help you step up to the plate in 2017.

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One last thing, here’s something I have noticed over and over again when it comes high-achievers and making plans.

You know what trips them often?

Unlike most people it’s not following through. High-achievers are beast. They get stuff done.

No, for them the problem is that they often get the wrong stuff done.

Heard of a mid-life crisis?

That’s code for having achieved a lot of the wrong stuff over a long period of time.

That’s why in creating your success plan for 2017 I want to urge you to dig deep. Question your motivations, question your values, question your fears, your doubts, your story.
Leave no stone unturned. Be ruthless.

I know it’s easy to get tunnel vision, I want to help you uncover some blind spots. I have put together a 1/2 hr ‘Get Your Success Plan Right!’ complimentary assessment to turn up the heat on your success plan for 2017 and make sure your objectives are actually worth following.

You don’t want to wake up 10 years from now realizing that you’ve been hustling like a mad-woman… on the wrong tracks.

This is a great opportunity to dig deeper, gain perspective and be challenged to really look at your stuff in order to position yourself for a much bigger life in the coming months.

Book your ‘Get Your Success Plan Right!’ now, it’s free!

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New year, new me is the mantra for many. But most set lame goals that don't really push the needle. This article shares some tips to help you show up big in 2017.

Edited on Jan. 4th, 2017 to clarify the language of the post.



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