Why You May Not Be Able To Keep Your Resolutions


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For many the start of the Gregorian year means new beginnings as in new dreams, new goals, new resolutions.

However for as much as there’s power in starting over with a clean slate, truth be told, this change in calendar is only a convention. In other words, there’s no special magic invested in this ‘new year’. The magic only lies in you acting differenly starting from today to get different results over the next 12 months.

Most people get excited, set a few goals and resolutions and very quickly realize as the weeks go by, that things sadly remain the same.

For some reason they just can’t manage to quit their job, start the exciting business they dream of or get in shape. And it’s not for lack of desire or effort even.

Something is holding them back.


As human beings, we tend to think of ourselves as highly rational and logical being. We pride ourselves for our ability to reason, to come up with clever strategies.

One thing we don’t realize is that most of our life is actually lived on auto-pilot. And I don’t mean it in derogatory way, I simply mean that we’re highly efficient in our use of our mental resources.

It is commonly accepted that our mind is divided in conscious and sub-conscious mind. Our conscious mind is responsible for about 5% of our mental activities while our subconscious mind is responsible for the 95% other (here and there).

It’s our auto-pilot mode.

Imagine if had to actively think about the motion of your fingers as you pick up a pen, form each letters of a word, while trying to decipher the words to make out sentences, while remembering to breathe and to make your heart pump your blood and digest your food.

Yeah, you wouldn’t get much done as you would be fully overwhelmed!


The beauty of your subsconscious mind is that it takes care of business while you go about your life.

The problem of the subsconscious mind is that it tends to accept new ideas without much discrimination.

If you keep repeating ‘I am fat’ your subsconscious mind says ‘ok’ and gets super creative in finding ways to make or keep you fat.

If you constantly say ‘I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders’ the subconscious mind says: ‘alright, I got you covered. Let me find more stuff to keep you busy and loaded.’

That’s it’s job. And it’s pretty brilliant at it!


Now let get back to your new year’s resolutions.

Most people tackle their new year’s resolutions as if they were completely logical beings. And in doing so they make a grave mistake.

They completely ignore the role of their subsconscious mind.

And all the programs it is already running.

You see your subconscious mind is always listening and it has been listening for some time. Actually it has acquired data and ‘preferences’ over your entire lifetime.

Can you now see how vain it is to believe that because we’re in January and you’ve put on your diva-bosslady-superhero outfit to whip those goals into submission that things are going to change?

Your ego might feel empowered by the bravado but your subsconcious is ‘thinking’: ‘oh yeah, this is when she wants to fight so as usual I need to make sure things break down so she can have a good time fighting.’

“When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.” Emile Coue

In other words, if you’re intending to put on your superwoman cape to achieve your new goals through sheer willpower, you’re making your life much harder than it needs to be.

The first thing you must do is reprogram your subconscious mind and your energetic blueprint, so that you’re fully supported in your efforts to create change.

In other words, if as so-many ambitious, over-achieving women you’re wired as a survivor or a fighter and you’re dreaming of a life that feels good, there’s no point in setting goals around more me-time, more getaways, more abundant if you don’t completely tranform your energy, your thoughts, your attitudes from the inside-out.

Until you do, your personal energy will keep reproducing many opportunities for you to fight.

What can you do?

Transform your inner world and embody the mindsets and the behaviors of the person who has achieved your objectives. This is the hack that will guarantee that you achieve your goals without struggle this year.

Need help with that?

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Pinterest banner: why you can't keep new year's resolutions
Pinterest banner: why you can't keep new year's resolutions

Edited on November 20th, 2018.


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