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Last updated: August 1st, 2020

Today I am talking about the must have features of your dream life.

This post was probably inspired by looking at superficial vision boards that feature nothing but brands, brands, brands, locations, locations, locations, bubbly and red bottoms.

If that’s your board, I’m not trying to take a hit at you.

Instead, this is more of a kind warning that you are very likely headed for a wall and you’re prepping yourself to join the long line of the successful but chronically unhappy career women.

However, take heart, all is not lost.
To save you some trouble and some headaches down the line, I have put together this list of a few key features your dream life needs to included if you want to be ‘successful’ and happy!

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If you prefer reading, here’s the transcript:

When you think about the essential features your dream life must have what you think about?

– Fancy hotels on white sandy beaches? 
– The latest luxury car? 
– A 20 room mansion?

If you’ve answered any of the above you could be about to make a critical mistake that will make your dream life a complete nightmare.

But to help you today I want to share with you four critical features I believe your dream life must have.

Hey everyone, this is Dominique Andersen, welcome to STRETCH+BLOOM soundbyte where in five minutes or less I will give you a quick tip to create a life love.

You may have noticed as an epidemic of successful people who are miserable.
Case in point the amount of celebrity suicides we’ve sadly witnessed in the recent years. 

So here are some key features I believe your dream life must have:

First, it must be multi-dimensional. 

So, my observation of successful people who are miserable is that they often have only planned for one dimension of success.
Generally it involves money, prestige at the expense of everything else in their life.  And as a result they’re stressed out, unhappy, unfulfilled and get to experience a miserable life in a million thread count sheets, swimming in bubbly.

Ok, I’m playing but you know what I mean…

And the mistake they make is that they fail to realize that we are multi-dimensional beings and we need shelter and food and play and challenges, social interactions, love…

It’s not just about money!
It’s much more complex than this and if you’re only planning for money or prestige you’re gonna fail yourself.

Second key feature: growth!

In my observation lack of fulfillment doesn’t always show up in the early stages of a new project. There’s often this honeymoon period.
For example you get you get out of college, you get your first job, you’re excited to challenged, and slowly you get accustomed to things.

And then a few years down the line it hits you: yes there are daily challenges, yes you’re busy, you have responsibilities, new projects… But when you take a closer look, it’s the same old.

And the problem here is lack of progression.

We are wired to need ever-growing challenges so make sure your dream life also includes space for regular growth.

The third key feature is purpose and passion.

Lack of purpose and passion is probably the most common complaint I get from chronically and unhappy successful people. And there I love Chalene Johnson’s take on it: it’s so elegant.

So basically this is the way she puts it:

– your gift is your tool: the thing you do, how you look at the world
– your purpose is what your unique set of skill, your personality, your personal story has positioned you to bring to the world,
– and your passion is the stuff you geek out on these days. 

I actually love this approach so much that I’ve included it in one of my reinvention programs.  If you’re interested I’m dropping the link in the show notes. 

In any case this is a critical feature to have in your dream life.

The fourth and final feature is making a contribution.
It’s the last but not the least aspect because how many times do I hear people tell me: ‘I wanna make a contribution’, ‘ I want to make an impact’, ‘I want to have a positive impact in the world’.

It’s a crucial aspect for a meaningful fulfilling and balanced life. And it’s really one aspect you must include in your dream life plans.

Now one thing I always like to warn people against is the idea that, you know, you have to go dig wells in Africa, you have to get on plane to halfway across the world and making a difference in other cultures.

Honestly as much as it’s a great intention it can often do a lot more harm than good and actually wrote a whole article about that and I’m gonna put again the link in the show notes. 

What I really believe is more important, to go back to the idea of your purpose and your passion, and use your life experience to make a difference where you are, in the culture, in the space where you are already positioned to effect positive changes in a healthy way.
And give back in a way that you cannot cause any harm.

So that’s one thing I would like to think about in those four features your dream life must have. 

And that’s it for today!

Thank you for listening if you’ve enjoyed this tip make sure to join my inner circle that’s where you’ll get access to all my in-depth steps to join go to stretch and bloom come forward slash inner circle have a great day until next time! Bye.

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