Money and the law of attraction: an experiment.


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Money and the law of attraction: that’s one of the topic people get the most excited about when they discover their power to manifest. It also tends to be one of the most difficult thing for most people to manifest.

It’s not that it’s more complicated for the law of attraction and the Universe to deliver money to you then it is for them to bring you anything else.

It’s simply that we live in a society that has so many hang-ups around money that it’s difficult for most people to have money beliefs and feelings that allow them to manifest the stuff easily.

Remember the formula: thoughts + feelings + beliefs = what you manifest?

Well look at it this way, you can think about the stuff all you want, if your beliefs are not supportive and you feel rotten about money, it will be hard for it to manifest in your life.

You have probably heard these expressions:

– “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

– “You have to work hard to make money”.

– “To be filthy rich”.

Can you see how these money beliefs are creating an image of money as something elusive and dirty?

Can you see how this would make it really hard to manifest the stuff?

If you think “money is hard to get” the universe answer to this signal is : ‘Ok, consider it done”.

And money will be hard to get for you.

But money is just another form of the energy that surrounds us. And like any other form of energy it can be put to a good or a bad use.

When you are supporting your family feeding your kids or putting them through school for instance, wouldn’t you agree that in this role money is a very positive tool?

Since we have started this conversation about manifesting we haven’t really used this knowledge around money and the law of attraction.

So today I have a quick experiment for you:

How about testing your manifesting powers around money?

Let start small.

Just imagine receiving some unexpected money as vividly as you can. No specific amount. Just feel the excitement of having received some unexpected money. Then go about your day.

Next, pay attention to what happens.

It could come as a penny on the sidewalk, a refund, someone offering to pay for your coffee.

Don’t be surprised if you receive a lot more!

That’s all for today!

Start playing with money and the law of attraction and leave a comment on the blog to let me know what happens for you.

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2 thoughts on “Money and the law of attraction: an experiment.”

  1. This is for all you would be bloomers!

    Thanks to Dominique I have just manifested money into my life. I just want to say to all of you that you must keep your focus and believe in yourself and your power to manifest great things into your life. I certainly feel more confident in my abilities and I am ready to do more. All things are possible if you believe.

    Dominique is a gem and has made herself available to answer all my questions. She’s open and honest and straightforward. Her guidance has greatly helped and advanced my efforts in manifesting!

    I am thankful for the changes taking place in my life right now. My understanding and the power of my belief/mind have been exponentially boosted into another stratosphere.

    Tennessee, USA

  2. Wonderful to hear Kenyetta! And thank you for your kind words! 🙂
    Now the only way for you is up!!!

    Keep on blooming! 🙂

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