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So you know that when you’re manifesting your super fabulous dream, you must keep your thoughts and emotions on track at all times. What you send out comes back to you, so obviously you have to be very careful about the thoughts and the feelings you entertain.

Now, if you think that in average a human being has somewhere between 50 000 – 70 000 thoughts each day, it starts to look like a massive headache will come to you before you even get to see a glimpse of your awesome goal.


If you’re new to this process, it’s easy to get caught in a negative spiral and worry about canceling your order to universe with opposing thoughts. And with reason after all, because who is always super positive? Every day there are jobs, conflicts, disagreements, stress, basically a whole bunch of opportunities to get frustrated and start entertaining negative thoughts.

It happen to me to: in the beginning, when I was learning how to manifest I remember being completely obsessive about my thoughts. Once, I decided that I wanted a certain goal to manifest really fast and I figured I had to think about it all the time to make that happen. I was really trying to watch e-ve-ry single one of my thoughts to make sure they were on track.

The problem with that?

I had a busy life and very soon I realized that couldn’t keep just one thought in my mind.
To make things worse, I had to deal with a lot of negativity at that time and my thoughts were not at all the most positive…

So every time a negative thought came, I was freaking out:
‘OMG, I thought about something negative, my goal is never going to manifest. I am doomed..’. You know the drill.

And I was completely right in thinking my goal was not going to manifest. But not for the reasons I thought though.


First, when you feel bad and worry, you attract more negativity in your life and you’re pushing away your desires. You end up worse off than when you started.

The second reason my dream wasn’t going to manifest is that manifesting is not so much about the thoughts you have- although they are important- it’s about how you feel.

So really there’s no need to become obsessed or form a thought-police to guard every single thougts, there’s a better way than tracking every single thoughts you may have.

It’s about adopting supportive mindsets, feeling good and creating an environment that reinforces these beliefs and supports your vision of a more magical life.

Say you’d like to manifest a luxurious vacation for free. It sounds like a brilliant idea, but not necessarily realistic. And because this is somewhat unusual, it would be easy for you to have doubts and to think negative thoughts like:

‘There’s no way I can win a free vacation, the odds are too low’

‘I am unlucky anyway’

‘I’d better get real, and start planning and saving for something more reasonable’.

Can you see how easy that could turn into a negative spiral and how exhausting it would be to watch all those thoughts?

What would be a lot easier would be to start reprogramming yourself with thoughts like:

‘I can manifest anything that I need’

‘I don’t need to know where the vacation would come from, I just need to have the right vibration’

‘I am getting luckier each day’

It may sound cheesy but it works.

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You could easily use sentences like these to reboot your brain when you catch yourself feeling down, eventually they become part of your normal currency of thoughts and the negative thoughts get crowded out of your mental space.

These useful short sentences are called affirmations. Emile Coué, the famous French psychologist and pharmacist popularized them after helping many patients recover from various ailments.


If you’re a bit lazy and you want a more done-for-you approach, set up reminders in your life so instead of having to remind yourself of these positive new beliefs, your environment does the job for you: set reminders in your phone, change the desktop on your computer, write your new beliefs on cards and carry them in your wallet, leave post-its on your wall.

You get the idea.

Saturate your space with the new beliefs that make you feel good and that you want to reinforce.
You’ll be surprised one day to wake in a completely different world, where you new beliefs are actually your reality!

This is a great way to keep your thoughts on track with less headaches and policing and more flow.

I’d love to hear from you!

What’s your objective? And which thoughts are you fighting?

Can you see how this can benefit you? How would you use this in your life?

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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