• If you’re here, I am guessing you’re not totally thrilled with your life: to the outside world you may seem to have it all. However, inside it’s a whole other story and it’s gnawing at you.

    You could be:

    – unfulfilled by your career,

    – frustrated with your business,

    – depressed about your love life,

    – or you could even be battling the mother of all crises with everything collapsing around you at the same time.

    In any case, something is off and you’re ready to fix that.


    Someone influential says everybody should be a square and everybody goes to work to turn themselves into one.

    Then another big shot comes around and says: ‘forget about squares, you should be a circle!’

    Now everybody is filing their angles hoping to become a perfect circle.

    What you get in the end is a bunch of lousy shaped people, all in pain from constantly cutting all their extra bits off to conform to the norms.

    What those big shots forgot is that we’re doing a puzzle!

    We don’t need more squares and circles, we actually need YOU: a star, a triangle, an arrow, or whatever gorgeous shape you were originally.

    With all your juicy extra bits and pieces!



    Think of your pain and challenges as a symptom, or a sign.

    In life like in a puzzle there’s a spot where you fit perfectly.

    A spot where the world softly wraps itself around you and gently supports you in all your desires because you’re supporting it with your presence.

    Until you step into this spot, you get frustration, you get boredom, you get disappointment, you get battles.

    What I do here at STRETCH+BLOOM is help you find this sweet spot.

    I help you reinvent yourself so you can leave your confusion, your struggles and your frustration behind and effortlessly re-build a life that feeeeeeels amazing as your heart melts with joy each and every second of the day.

    You finally get off the hamster wheel, leave your golden cage and bask in a gloriously fun, juicy, exciting, purposeful life that ignites your soul.

    Another way to put it is:

    I help you STRETCH beyond your struggles so you can BLOOM into the fulfilled YOU and THRIVE.

    Ready to find your sweet spot?


    I am Dominique Andersen, welcome to my queendom!

    I am a Berlin-based parisienne reinvention strategist and manifestation maven.

    With STRETCH+BLOOM, I help successful high-achieving ladies (and sometimes gentlemen as well!) who climbed the wrong ladder reconnect with their souls and leverage their mindsets to get on back on track fast and manifest blissful, purposeful, impactful lives and relationships.

    Being a bit of a misfit, I’ve reinvented myself quite a few times in attempt to finally find my sweet spot. I get what it takes to create a life aligned with your soul.

    I have worn many hats (interior designer, CEO, COO, musician…), lived in several countries. I speak a few languages.

    I started over a couple of times with my whole life packed in 2 bags.


    I walk the talk!

    One tool that helped me tremendously was manifestation, the ability to harness the power of our minds to ‘magically’ attract perfect opportunities.

    I have spent close to 25 years studying and honing this skill and I’ve put everything I have learned in my exclusive B.L.O.O.M Formula which combines soul-searching, life design and manifestation in a very methodical, practical and non-new-agey fashion.

    It’s a miracle worker that fixes your life and gets you back on track at lightning speed, without much of the stress and the heavy lifting.

    If you’re done being frustrated, if you’re done ignoring your soul calling, if you’re committed to doing what it takes to reclaim your bliss and live your higher purpose, then let’s chat!

    With love!


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    PS: I love doing interviews and guest posts! Feel free to connect with me if there’s way I can be of value to your audience.

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    Curious to find out more about me? Expand this tab for the full story!

    I started questioning the nature of reality as a young child. I was intrigued by the way people’s attitudes seemed to correlate their experience of life.

    Some people, who had every odds stacked up against them, were making blazing successes while others who theoretically had everything for them, had endless streaks of bad luck.

    At the same time I was always very intuitive and strong-willed, and I noticed that my life would completely reshuffle itself almost magically when I made certain decisions.

    Somehow I just couldn’t shake the feeling that we had more mastery over our destinies than we were told to believe.

    So I ventured on a journey to understand how this could be and how to control this ability.

    I started to investigate the power of the subconscious mind, hypnosis, psychology, mindfulness meditation, NLP (early Tony Robbins’ work), quantum physics, religious texts, metaphysical work and I quickly found out that many traditions had references to man affecting reality through consciousness, mind and emotions, seemingly magically.


    the magic

    I eventually found specific information on manifesting in the early 1990s, and I proceeded to test it in my life immediately. And it worked!

    I was able to take myself from a entry-level sales job to a high-level executive position in glamourous location half way across the world in a matter of months with no prior experience and without even searching for it!

    However, there were still many notions that eluded me. But I had had my first conscious experience that proved to me that our mindset affects reality way beyond what was commonly accepted.

    I set out to refine my understanding of how this was possible.

    Over the next 10 years, I studied the work of Neville Goddard (heavily influenced Joe Vitale and Bob Proctor of The Secret, rev. Ike, Wayne Dyer…), Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Catherine Ponder, Florence Shinn, Ernerst Holmes, Genevieve Behrend, Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale, Norman Vincent Peale, Charles Fillmore, Emmet Fox, Deepak Chopra, Claude Bristol, Lynn Grabhorn, rev. Ike (influenced Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith), Abe Hicks and many more while turning my life into my own personal lab.


    I wanted more than theoretical knowledge. And of course, what you ask for the universe delivers. And for me I got this experience through a gift in disguise…

    In the mid 2000s, after ending my marriage after 10 years I found myself forced to rebuild my entire life with only a couple of bags and all the knowledge I had gathered to support me.

    It was quite an adventure!

    I had wanted to put this knowledge to the test and I was now being forced to do so under very intense circumstances.

    But by using the principles of manifestation, I was able to quickly rebuild a life truly aligned with my soul.

    Now, my life is closer to my ideal vision than it ever was: I live on my terms, I work when I want to, I play when I want to. I work with people that inspire me. I have a location-independent business that is in perfect integrity with my personal values.

    I am in complete agreement with my soul.

    I get to live my passions and I help others rediscover theirs.

    Most importantly I have never been so happy in my entire life!

    Last but not least, I get to share my life with the most incredible partner.


    I am French. I grew up in Paris.

    Being an interior designer has taught me to help people clarify their visions and connect with their dreams.

    I have reinvented myself many times sometimes under dire circumstances, I get what it takes to turn things around and to live authentically.

    My experience in business has provided me with strong analytical, organizational and leadership skills which I use to formulate clear and actionable strategies for my clients.

    All these experiences combined with my extensive knowledge of the Law of Attraction now form the unique foundations of my coaching.

    I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to make significant improvement in their lives. (…)

    I think the most important thing people should know about you is that you honesty want to help people. I really appreciated to see how much satisfaction you got out watching me progress.

    I think you put a lot of love into what you do, and this makes all the difference in the world.”

    Matias C.Author - Entrepreneur