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    the art of manifesting or your inner superhero

    Have you ever met women for whom the normal rules don’t seem to apply?

    You know the women who:

    – find Mr Right on their way to take out the trash while others go on a zillion dates and constantly worry about becoming that single cat lady.

    – have businesses that keep breaking revenu records when their competitors are struggling to keep their doors open.

    – without a trust fund or a college-education manage to effortlessly waltz around the globe in luxury all year-around doing only what they love, while others with more solid credentials are stuck in careers they loathe.

    You might have written them off as being special, well-connected, or having been born under a lucky star.

    Well, these women are not really any different from you and me.

    Actually, you’ve probably noticed in your own life that when you feel great everything flows and just keeps on getting better.

    Like those days when you wake up to a refund from the tax office in the mail, get a flight upgrade and a new wonderful man suddenly seem to catch interest in you.

    Or that when you’re down everything just seems to go wrong at the same time.

    Like those days when your home suddenly needs expensive repairs, the zipper of your favorite power dress breaks on the way to a crucial meeting and your date cancels on you.

    All before 10 AM!

    Well, there is a simple explanation to all these phenomena and it has absolutely nothing to do with luck.

    What is at work here are the principles of manifestation.

    Manifesting is something that we all do every day.

    The problem is that we do it unwittingly and quite often to our own detriment.

    Once you learn how to do it consciously and constructively, it’s a different way of thinking, similar to going from a ‘the earth is flat’ worldview to a ‘the earth is round’ worldview’.

    It’s like finally owning the operating manual to your life so you can go from A to B by the shortest, fastest, and most enjoyable route available.

    When I started my visualizations, I immediately noticed that more and more “coincidences” started to happen which filled my everyday life with sweet and exciting moments. I can see clearly now how my thoughts and beliefs form my life.

    Gabrielle P.Designer

    No more struggles!

    No more self-sacrifice!

    No more compromising your soul!

    When used properly this power puts the Universe on your side and provides you with incredibly lucky breaks. Life begins to flow!

    You finally are able to reach for the stars and get the results you desire faster in a more leveraged and less stressful way… even if your dreams seem unattainable!

    If you’ve been frustrated with your life, working way too hard for too little results or feeling there was no way for you to make your dreams come true, this is the missing link!

    Understanding how to manifest consciously is one of the most crucial steps you can take to regain control over your life, de-stress and be empowered to live your dreams! It’s like discovering you have superpowers!

    Ready to fix your life?


    As you can see, manifestation is a powerful ally.

    However, it’s tricky to master at first and it’s only part of the success equation.

    The problem starts early in the process.

    Most people are wearing hand-me down dreams that are not really a good fit for their soul urges. They are following on the foot-steps of their peers, falling for trends, prestige, toys and trinkets and ignore their own values and needs.

    This leads to incredible frustration, stress and imbalance as their lives are built on the wrong foundations.

    With this taken into consideration, adding manifestation to the mix is like switching a bicycle for a sports convertible on your way to jumping off a cliff.

    It just leads to bigger, faster, bolder destruction.

    This is why I’ve created the B.L.O.O.M Method.

    It’s a mix of intense soul-searching, careful realignment and advanced manifesting to not only help you reach your dreams faster but above all be assured that the dreams that you are following are actually firing your soul. In other words, it’s about creating Soulful Success.

    With 20+ years of personal experimentation with manifestation and life reinvention, I know some powerful shortcuts and the pitfalls to avoid.

    This allows me to create very safe, effective and highly customized manifestation roadmaps and life reinvention programs designed that take the pain out of manifestation and bring you back to the sweet spot where your soul sings, your light shines and you finally live on purpose with greater impact.

    If you’re ready to reinvent yourself and experience Soulful Success start here.

    I feel like I´ve changed completely. Well, truth to be told, I did not change a bit. But I got rid of things that prevented me from seeing myself as I am, and doing things in alignment with my goals.(…)

    Now I feel free to take my own decisions. I have undergone drastic changes in my professional life and am finally in flow of my transition from a former IT Consultant to becoming a photojournalist for precious festivities.

    Val M.Former IT consultant - Photo journalist

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