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So they say it’s 2014!

More and more I feel funny about celebrating the new year because it’s quite an arbitrary construction.

Depending on your culture and the calendar you use you could be celebrating it in September or in February and the year could be anything between 2006, 1435 or 5774.

So now instead of saying happy new year, I like to say happy new season.

I like that it doesn’t exclude anyone but it still catches the vibe of the transitional period we’re in.
And of course I like to offer you many ‘blissings’. 🙂

New season often means new year resolutions. They can be tricky to keep so if you need help this article I shared last year will give you tips to do them right.

And if your new season resolution revolves around love, here’s the link for an interview I gave at the end of the last year (it starts around the 16 mins mark). It’ll give some powerful ideas to help manifest the love of your life.

Resolutions focus on how we can improve our lives as a result they can be somewhat self-centered. Nothing wrong with that!

If you fly often you probably remember the safety announcements that say something along the lines of before you attempt to help anyone fit your own oxygen mask first.
I am a big believer in this philosophy, you can’t help anyone if you don’t have your stuff together.

So by all means, go for it and get yourself where you need to be!

But if you’re like me you also probably notice that many are suffering in the world and you want to do something about it.

I’d like to take this opportunity to suggest a way you can make a difference. No, it doesn’t involve a writing a check…

In fact it doesn’t have to cost anything and it’s actually quite self-centered.

Before I tell you more I want to share with you a couple of stories that happened during the holiday season.

The holiday season is an interesting time.

You get to reconnect with people who you haven’t seen in a long time and exchange stories about the previous years accomplishment.

I met up for drinks with one of my friends who had it seemed a great year last year. He had many worldly accomplishment: a bigger title, a bigger car, a bigger house and he was proud to share it. But his body language was telling another story. He didn’t seem so blissful.

After some probing he admitted that he hated the part of the country he lived in that he was bored in his job, and that he felt stuck in his life.

Appearances can be deceiving…

I met up with another group of old friends. One of them who had been struggling for years in a job where she wasn’t been recognized for what she brought to the table was sharing how she couldn’t handle it anymore and was ready to blow up and that she was going to make a change fast.
Interestingly enough, someone stepped in to try to convince her that it wasn’t so bad and offer her tips to hold on.

While this was coming from a good place, I am for a more heads on approach: when it doesn’t fit, move on!

Our society places values on material things and on social validation: having the right job, the right title, no matter the cost.

But our soul don’t really care about these constructs and it has ways to let you know.
Why do you think so many people are stressed out, depressed, angry or sick…? They are not aligned with their bliss and their purpose and they are locked up in lives that don’t inspire them on a deeper level.

I whole-heartledly believe each of us holds a piece of the puzzle in the grand scheme of things and that when you use your gifts in this manner your soul starts singing.

When you are in your sweet spot you take part in the synchronistic dance of the universe and things begin to flow for you and you help them flow for others that interact with you.

You’re in a better mood, you have more to share with others, and you create a positive momentum around you: you receive more and you give out more.

A complete win-win!

Can you imagine if everyone lived like this, how different our world would be?

So when you focus on your new season resolution don’t create a golden cage for yourself.
Remember to think about how you can use your gifts and make a difference.



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