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Engaging in business is always a gamble, and so, you need to bring your best game to the table: formulate a strong strategy to stand out from the competition and complement it with high quality products and services that wow your prospects.

But then, there’s always an uncertainty.

“What if it doesn’t sell?”

“What if they don’t come at all?”


“What if they don’t like it?”

Add to that equation the current status of the economy, it can get really stressful. And you may start to question if running your own business is such a good idea after all.


At the same time, there are some great benefits to having your own business.

Things like:

– Having the freedom to make your own decisions.

– Being your own boss.

– Doing things on your own time.

These are pretty good rewards for all the hard work you put in!


The problem is just getting through the hard days when clients are nowhere in sight and bills accumulate on top of your file cabinet.

<pThat’s when having some sense of security would really be sweet. And that’s when knowing how to manifest what you need comes into play. 


For example, Neville Goddard (who inspired Wayne Dyer, Joe vitale and Bob Proctor of the Secret) once shared the story of a couple who manifested having an entire apartment complex built for them out of the blue, without putting even a cent down. They had an empty lot that they wanted developed, but they had no budget for it. They had dreamed of it for a long time but it just never seemed to be the right time.

So they decided to manifest it. 

It sounds pretty crazy to imagine getting a whole building built without lifting a fingers or spending a cent. But that exactly what they did! And guess what? After some time, someone walked right into their office and offered them the whole thing on a silver platter!

They didn’t have to look for a contractor, draw out any plans or put a cent down. The whole apartment complex was litterally built for them.

That’s the kind of magic you can create with manifesting!


When most people hear of manifesting, they usually think of cars or of parking spaces. But can you see what it could do for your business?

The people I’ve worked with use it to get people to pay them on time, to get new and promising clients or find ideal business partners when conditions are less than ideal.


“The results have been nothing short of extraordinary!

I went from having a business on the verge of bankruptcy to more than doubling our pre-crisis income!

We had no clients a few months ago, and now we’re barely able to face the ever increasing demand for our services, even though we keep growing our team and our production capacity. All of this during a major financial crisis!

And with these techniques, I keep attracting staff, clients and solutions that are just a perfect match for the business and for me. On a personal level, I have gained a lot of calm and serenity”

Thomas P., CEO, Creative web agency

Basically, it allows them to reach their goals with peace of mind and a sense of security which is quite a luxury in these day and age!


If you’re curious about manifestation I have made this video to give you some pointers.


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