Less action, more flow: the feminine way.


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You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet here in lately. Well, my body gave me clear signs that I had to slow down.
So I listened and I cleared-up my plate to give myself some space.

It was nothing too serious but my body was clearly not impressed with my intense work schedule.

And it made it known in not so subtle terms….

In French, we have an expression: “Les cordonniers sont les plus mal chaussés” (the cobbler wear the worst shoes) which basically means that those who do for others tend to neglect themselves.

And, I must confess that I have been guilty of doing that.

Doing versus flowing

I am always encouraging flow and ease but somehow in the process of running a business I got caught up in the traditional do-do-do model and somewhat started to neglect the more flow-flow-flow aspect a bit.

And guess what? That’s exhausting!
And to make matters worse it’s not really that effective.

One project I had been working for quite some time with my do-do-do approach was yielding no results.
Worse, no matter what I did everything seemed completely blocked and nothing was going as planned.
Frustrating to say the least!

Interestingly enough, once I got back to my normal flow-flow-flow routine and even though I was completely disengaged from the topic, things completely cleared up and fell into place out-of-the-blue in a matter of days!!

I’ve been practicing this for over 20 years now, but I am still amazed by how this works.

Now I am not saying that doing is useless. Doing has its place and it’s an important step AFTER the ground-work has been laid with flowing energy.

My point is simply that our society over-emphasizes doing and completely ignores other critical aspects of the success equation like flowing (being).

Hence the armies of burned-out, stressed-out, over-worked, drugged-up (prescriptions, coffee, social drinking i.e.TGIF,…) ‘successful’ people we meet in our every day life.

This is the way doing works:

If you’re looking for a new house, you can frantically visit dozens of agents, read thousands of ads, schedule hundreds of visits because you have been brainwashed by the do-do-do cult.
Now that a lot of work and that’s exhausting.
And after all this you could still end up with nothing to show for your efforts.

Now the way flowing works:

You do the proper groundwork by flowing energy and aligning your energy with success. And then before you even start visiting agents, you find yourself at a dinner party where your table neighbor happens to own what sounds like your dream property which he intended to put on the market the next day.

The two of you come to a quick agreement and meet the following day to go through the paperwork and you both save tons of time, money and stress in the process.

This is the type of things that happens for my clients. They cut down on the hard work and get results ridiculously easily out of crazy luck.

Only it’s not luck.

They’ve put in a lot of work, smart work not hard work, flowing intensively instead of doing frantically.

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Women in business: the feminine way

All this echoes conversations I have been having with entrepreneurial or professional women who’ve expressed their frustration with a male dominated-business world.

And it reconnected me the deeper why of what I do.

Biologically, men tend to strive on action and on competition. They created a business world that reflects that: the do-do-do, action-oriented model.

Women on the other hand are equally smart and able but in a different way: we tend to be more receptive and intuitive.
Our brain patterns allow us to easily process many sources of information and to come to very creative solutions easily.
That’s the flow-flow-flow way.

We can learn to handle the intense energy of the male business world, we can push ourselves, we put on an armor but really this is not really where we function best.

We damage our essence to fit in and use tools that are not ours.

And our lives suffer: we get stressed-out and if we don’t get sick, we can’t seem to get our personal live together.

Have you ever noticed how many gorgeous, successfuĺ women are single?

Basically these women exhibit a very masculine energy. And well, straight men aren’t really into that… This also explains why they are always complaining of attracting ‘weak’ men with a more feminine type of energy.

It’s simply the ancient hermetic Law of Polarity in action, really…!

A better way

And this is made me realize why manifestation is such a crucial tool for women, especially for the ones in the business or professional world.

We have been brainwashed to behave in a way that is destroying us and it’s time to get back to our own power so instead of getting burnt out by competing in a world where the rules are not adapted to our energy we can get to thrive and enjoy more harmonious and relaxed lives.

We can be effective, powerful and successful in ways that respect and support our own energy so we don’t have to suffer through so much stress to the point of turning ourselves into men energetically just to function in this society.

We can embrace our intuition, our playfulness and our creativity to build our dreams with ease and even quicker than if we were to pursue them in a more traditional way.

Manifestation is simply the old feminine way that has been suppressed for eons and that’s slowly returning to occupy its rightful place.
No wonder it had been relegated to the woo-woo, crazy, irrational section like pretty much everything feminine.

But it’s not, it’s practical, it’s logical and it’s powerful, if you understand how to work with it.

Kind of like women!

We’ve all been trained to ignore this part of of our feminine power but more and more we’re remembering and returning to our true and powerful self, and creating magic.

Last Updated: Dec. 18th, 2019



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