Why you should keep A Journal To Help Manifest Your Dreams


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Back in the days, journaling was a silly thing little girls did. They had diaries with locks to keep all their 8 year old little secrets hidden from the world.
Didn’t seem so world-shattering back then.

Who would have thought that journaling would turn out to be a power tool when it comes to manifesting your dream life?

Here’s why you need to keep a journal on your road to success.

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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘journal’?
Personally for me it brings back memories of schoolgirl diaries full of hearts…

Well, today I going to tell you why you need to put the good old journal back at the heart of your invention journey.

Hey everyone, this is Dominique Andersen. Welcome to stretchandbloom soundbite where in five minutes or less I will give you a quick tip to create a life you love.

You know that feel like when you have a huge project and your papers are a mess, desk is a mess. You can’t find anything you need. The files are mess in your computer.
Total chaos, total stress! Horrible!
You want to scream, right?

Well, manifesting your dream life is kind of the same.

Because manifestation requires a lot of, you know, there are a lot of moving pieces, things that need to come together.

You have daily tasks like visualizing and affirmations, and you know, daily rituals, keeping track of your habits, keeping track of your to do’s, your to be’s, inspirations, insights, synchronicities, da da da da da…

You have stuff all over the place and that’s kind of stressful. It’s kind of like… You know, this desk and your computer…

And yeah chaos! Doesn’t work!

The thing is manifestation works on emotions so when you’re feeling stressed out you’re manifesting more things to be stressed about.

So when you have no system, when you have no place to bring all these pieces of the puzzle together, not only it is stressful but it is also manifesting more stress. And it’s actually kind of you know undoing your manifestation.

So you want to gather all these pieces of the puzzle together in one place and give a home to your manifestation.

And when I was working on BLOSSOM, you know my new manifesting workshop that’s coming out in a few days. If you haven’t done that you need to go check it out. The link is below somewhere around this… wherever… You’ll find it! Whatever! You’ll be able to listen to it… You need to go look at it.

Because when I was planning this workshop what I realized is that I could give you all the information and all the steps on how to manifest your dream life, what you need to do every day, how to do the soul-searching, the plans, the action, etc…

But if you don’t have a place to gather all these things every day, I’m not helping you.

So what I did is I created a, a, … a planner. It’s a planner, it’s a journal, it’s a bit of a mix of the two things, that allows you to have a place every day to record what’s happening.

A place to look at what’s happening and to check in with yourself daily, weekly, monthly. Because, you know, a life reinvention, it’s not gonna happen in one day.

So I kind of organized things to give you regular check-ins with yourself, starting with daily check-ins.

So for me it’s, it’s really,… I realized when I wanted to manifest big changes in my life that what really helped was having this journal and this is why I put it there.

And this is why I recommend that you have and keep a manifestation home, journal, planner. Whatever you call it!

Get yourself a notebook, whatever! Get BLOSSOM, it’s got everything in it.

But find a way to record all these things and give your manifestation a home!

Okay, that is my quick tip for today!

Don’t be scattered. Don’t allow yourself to manifest more chaos.

Give your manifestations a home. You’re gonna be amazed how it changes things for you.

That’s it for today!

Thank you for listening! If you’ve enjoyed this tip make sure to join my inner circle. That’s where you’ll get access to all my in-depth tips. To join go to stretchandbloom.com/innercircle. Have a great day! Until next time! Bye!

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