• Interview with flirt coach Manuel Picon Gonzalez

      Video has become a crucial communication medium and I have finally decided to embrace it by creating 2 YouTube channels: one for STRETCH+BLOOM focused on the topic of breakthroughs and one for Finding love with the Law of Attraction focused on the topic of relationships.

      The channels have moved and are now under one roof.

      For the launch of this relationship channel I had the privilege of interviewing Manuel Gonzalez, flirt coach, author and CEO of one of Germany’s leading dating company.

      During this interview we discuss:

      – the surprising way Manuel got started as a flirt coach,

      – the power of being prepared,

      – the power of giving back,

      – Why working with a coach is crucial for a quick transformation,

      – the 3 pillars of a successful dating life,

      – why single women should approach men.

      Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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