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UPDATE MAY 2019: This first edition of this online pop-up store closed on dec. 31st 2015. Keep you eye open for the next edition!

If you’ve ever tried to make any significant change in your life while being surrounded by an army of nay-sayers, you know the impact a few positive words uttered from the mouth of a stranger can have on you. You know how they can re-ignite your fire, re-motivate you, give the strength to keep going in spite of the appearances.

These words keep you focused, grounded and aligned with success.

Unfortunately, there’s not always someone on your team to utter those rescuing words.

And the negativity can be very real, coming either from your surroundings, or even from yourself, due to the doubts and the fears that arises as you venture in unknow territory

One thing that’s extremely powerful is to anticipate these moments of doubts and of negative infuence by constantly exposing yourself to positive messages. It gives your mind something to focus on and helps you stay focused, just like a well-meaning stranger words would do.



inspire by S+B store

For a while I have been wanting to offer something beyond coaching.

So taking this ‘helpful stanger idea’ a little bit further, I have recently reconnected with my former life where I was making people’s home look beautiful to create a line of useful and pretty every day life objects designed to help busy women reach their dreams while keeping their sanity.

This new line of products is called Inspire by STRETCH+BLOOM and it features a mini-collection built as a set of thought-provoking everyday objects designed to uplift you throughout the day from the moment you wake up, to your yoga class, to running errands, to the moment you relax and finally go to bed at night.

Inspire Flow collection wide

The first collection was imagined as the perfect companion for the 21 day Step Into The Flow Challenge. It is centered around the idea of letting go of the cult of busy and bringing more flow, more ease and more joy into your life.

Each collection will be centered around a theme and only be offered for a limited time.

You can grab your own inspirational set in the store and check out the challenge for more inspiration.




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