How To Make A Vision Board To Improve Your Life


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You’ve probably heard of vision boards. At this time of the year they are everywhere…
And for good reason!

After all, when designed and used correctly vision boards are an incredibly powerful tool that will help you nail your new year’s resolutions in no time.

What do you want to achieve in the coming year? How would you like to improve your life?

– Lose weight?
– Improve your career?
Find love

A vision board can definitely help you with that!

Here’s what you need to know about how to make a vision board to improve your life.

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What’s a vision board?

Before we start, a quick refresher: vision boards are ‘collages’ that are used to help you achieve (more precisely to manifest) objectives.
The idea is that by focusing on an objective you want to achieve you will attract it in your life. 

I know it sounds a little woo-woo but bear with me a second, there’s a rational explanation behind this. 

Here’s a gross simplification to help you:

Focusing on what you want to experience activate a system in your brain called the reticular activating system. This system is in charge of prioritizing what is important to you and filtering information out.

When you place your attention on specific objects, circumstances, conditions, you signal to your mind that you want more of these specific objects, circumstances, conditions.

Your reticular activating system then attempts to bring you more opportunities to experience what you have placed your attention on. 

You’ve probably observed the work of your reticular activating system in action after buying a new dress (or a new car) and realizing that your darling new dress (or fancy new car) that had seemed so special before you bought suddenly seemed to now be on every street corner.

That’s the reticular activating system in action: it brings things that you may have not noticed before to your attention. 

In addition to this reticular activating system, we are vibrational beings who resonate with similar frequencies.
Changing what you focus on, changes your frequency and in turn that this changes your experience of reality

In other words, when you make a vision board and you focus on what you want, you give instructions to your mind to find ways to bring to you what’s on your board.

If you’re skilled at using your board, you will also change your vibration and begin to resonate with experiences that match what’s on your board and attract them effortlessly. 

Notice, my last sentence: ‘if you’re skilled at using your board‘… 

Some huge misconceptions

Before diving into making your vision board, there are a few misconceptions to clear.
These can seriously hinder your ability to gain any benefits from your vision board.

First, vision boards are not really collages.

Let me clarify, vision boards are an assemblage of visuals (symbols) that illustrate an objective.

Often, this takes the form of a collage.
Most people pick up piles of magazines, clip away random things that speak to them and paste them on a board: that makes a collage.

It’s fun, it’s cute, but it’s really not the only (or best!) way to make a vision board. 

Personally I recommend making vision boards with a computer.
Technically my vision boards are not collages.  They are an assemblage of carefully-curated symbols that address a very precise set of mental and emotional triggers that help you manifest a very specific objective. 

I love making my boards this way because you can update them as you grow, you can print them in difference sizes and scatter them around you on your walls, in your planner.
And you can also save them to your tablet, your computer or your phone.

And with a computer-based vision board you’re not limited to what you find in a magazine.
You have the possibility of searching for visuals that perfectly illustrate what you want.

You can learn about my vision board making process here.

making a vision board with a computer

Second, vision boards are not 5 year olds Christmas lists.

Making a vision board is not about flipping through magazines and saying: ‘I want! I want! I want!’. 
You’ve probably heard the expression ‘be careful what you ask for’… 

Most of us really don’t want or need everything we want.
We’re programmed by society, schools, peers, traditions to want certain things which are often not aligned with our highest good, our real personal values or desires. 

Making a vision board by clipping away things that speak to you is a great way to fall victim to this programming, bringing more things that harm you into your life. 

And when you paste random visuals on your board, you get random results in your life! 

When you paste random visuals on your board, you get random results in your life!

Third, a vision board is not magical.

It’s simply a focusing and clarifying tool that allows you to tap in some of your innate abilities to filter through the smorgasbord of experiences available to you and enter in resonance with our preferred aspect of reality. 

Fourth, you have to learn how to use your board.

Some people may get results from a vision board by it up in a closet and forgetting everything about it (there was a famous example of this in the Secret), but most people this won’t do.

To get results from a vision board, you have to use your board. 

Now that these misconceptions are out of the way, let’s begin.

How to lose weight with a vision board

The proper way to use your vision board

Making a vision board is a process that should help you clarify what you want from life. It should help you identify all the aspects of a problem you want to solve or a situation you want to improve.

In a nutshell:

    – You define the situation you want to solve (for ex: lose weight, find a partner, find a better career, …)
    – You identify symbols to illustrate what you want to solve and how you want to feel once the situation is solved. 
    – You ‘vibe’ your board regularly (that’s a term I came up with to describe the process of using your vision board. )

An intricate process

This is a fairly simple but rather intricate process that I detail in this workshop.

There are many ways to solve a problem, the challenge is to ask the right questions that will help you find the right answer… for you!

For example, for one person losing weight may be connected to a health issue, for someone else losing weight may be a matter of discipline, for a third individual losing weight could be related to an emotional issue. 

If you don’t understand the underlying motivations, the underlying issues and the underlying struggles, a vision board for losing weight won’t really be effective as it could.

It’s not about pasting thin people all over your board, it’s about addressing the underlying issues that are connected to the objective of losing weight.

Without this, you are only scratching the surface and you will probably be back to square 1 very soon (broken resolutions, anyone?…). 

That’s why during my vision board making workshop I spend a lot of time guiding you through all the preparatory work: all the soul-searching steps.

Because without this work, a vision board can’t address the real issues that need to be dealt with for you to get lasting results. Without those steps, it is basically a useless exercise of decoupage.

Improve your life with a vision board

So, how can you make a vision board to improve your life?

If you really want to improve your life with a vision board, you must:

    1. Get clear on the conditions you want to improve : what’s bugging you, what you need, what you dislike, …
    2. Identify the obstacles that prevent you from getting your ideal result: your fears, your doubts, your circumstances, …
    3. Define a comprehensive solution that addresses everything you want to improve.
    4. Transcribe this comprehensive vision into the appropriate symbols.
    5. Use your board daily. 

How to make a vision board to improve your life

Skip any of these steps and you will be wasting your time.

You will either be pursuing the wrong objectives, you will be blocked by obstacles that you haven’t cleared or you simply won’t get any results.

The beauty of the system I shared is that covers all your bases.

I like to think vision boards are a creative goal-setting tool that basically lets you improve any aspect of your life.

You can use them for anything from finding a new home, to planning a trip or transforming your business. 

In Envision I detail how you can solve most of your challenges with a vision board and I break down 3 very common life situation that can greatly benefit from making a vision board:

How to make a vision board for love

The right and the wrong way

Now, as I have said before there’s a wrong and a right way to create a vision board.

For instance:

– for weight loss you could stick tons of pictures of models with slender bodies on your board,

– to find love you could paste tons of pictures of guys you find attractive,

– for a new career you could paste pictures of money, luxury swimming pools and fancy hotels rooms (living the laptop lifestyle, you know!).

The problem is this:

    – Is the laptop life style really for you? (Are you following your social programming, the trends, or you aligned with your soul? …)
    – Do you feel inspired or resentful when you look at those slender bodies on your board? (Do you have mental or emotional stuff that needs to be addressed before you can reach your objective?)

The right way of creating a vision board starts with the inner work, the soul-searching, the clarifying. 

For example, if you want to make a vision board for weight loss:

– you must understand the reasons why you want to lose weight,

– understand what has prevented you from losing weight in the past,

– the negative beliefs,

– the fears,

– the doubts you have about losing weight,…

And to be really be powerful, your vision board will need to address all these elements.

Same goes for finding love or for changing your career. 

how to improve your career with a vision board

How does a vision board help me with my resolutions?

In my experience people fail to reach their objectives (and specifically their new year’s resolutions) because they grossly under-estimate the role of their subconscious mind in achieving their objectives.
They believe in powering-through and in willpower.

Alas that’s not how the mind works. 

By making a vision board in the way I describe in this article, you will be way ahead of the game.

Not only you will have clearly defined objective that will inspire and serve you (you wouldn’t want to climb the wrong ladder…), you will also be working in the language of your mind which will magnify your chances of success.

Last but not least, you will also be tapping into a powerful process that will deliver your objectives on a silver platter.

And if you’re curious about results you can when you use manifestation: these are the types of results you should expect (this, this, this or this. It’s really powerful stuff!

Want to experience some of this goodness in your life? 

Make a vision board for your New Year’s resolutions!

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