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Imagine that you live in village bordering an ocean.

It’s a massive surface and no one has ever seen what lies on the other side of it.


Some people did try to swim to other side but without much success.

Most got tired and came back. A few less fortunate ones didn’t.


One day someone got a genius idea: he has found the way to cross the ocean.

He gets completely absorbed by his project: chopping, sewing, hammering day and night. Everyone in the village thinks he is crazy. But he keeps working until one day his creation is finished. He brings it to the ocean and at first he struggles to manoeuver it. But eventually he gets the hang out it and soon enough he’s off.

Everyone in the village is mesmerized. No one has ever seen anything like this: he is floating and gliding on ocean at dizzying speed!

Obviously you wouldn’t be mesmerized, he just sailing. But to someone who’s never seen a boat, this is incredible.


This is very much like what happens with manifestation.

To most, using your imagination to attract your dreams looks like magic. However it’s really just like sailing, it’s about harnessing the power of the universe to propel yourself towards your dreams much faster than you could with own efforts.

You experience things most people would deem impossible. However, it’s not magical it’s simply that they haven’t been exposed to this power. Now just like the people back in the village, your friends and family look at you like you’re some sort of divine being, but it’s simply that you have better tools than them.

All of a sudden, things start to happen faster, everything you need comes at the right time, you become incredibly lucky: you’re achieving incredible results and you’re only making a fraction of the efforts you would normally!


It’s true, that just like sailing, learning how to manifest can take a bit of time.
However, if you had a choice between swimming accross an ocean and sailing accross it, I think I know what you’d pick!


If you’d like to learn how to sail through life instead of swimming against the tide you may enjoy this mini-course. Additionally, you can take a look at these workshops which all make use of manifestation to help you create a joyful, purposeful and meaningful life with a fraction of the effort.


Article last updated on April 25th, 2019.



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