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Last updated on August 5th, 2021

This is a follow-up to a previous article on regaining the control of your life. If you’ve missed part 1, start here.

Let’s reinvent your life!

So far, you’ve done the work and reset yourself to hear your own inner guidance (If you haven’t, read this first)!

Now what?

Do you shave your head and go hide from the world in a monastery?
Not really!

The question is not : ‘how can I escape from my life and from my responsibilities?’.

The question is: ‘how can I live more fully and reinvent my life in a way that it really works for me?’.

1. Break your patterns

The first order of things before you can reinvent your life is to maintain the clarity that you have worked so hard to gain by reconnecting with yourself.

The last thing you would want is to go back to living on auto-pilot again.

Breaking your patterns and changing your routine is one of the easiest way to make sure that you don’t fall back into a rut.

It exposes you to new influences each day and gives you the opportunities to challenge your assumptions.

You can take a new route to work daily, spend your lunch break in a park instead of with your peers or do a short meditation instead of picking up the phone in between appointments.

And just to keep things fresh, shift these activities up once in a while.

A habit of breaking your patterns prevents you from falling into a rut. Click To Tweet

2. Joy is your beacon home

In a way, we are simple beings: what tends to make us unhappy and bring us pain is what is unsupportive of our overall health and well-being.
On the contrary what brings us joy tends to be what’s life-enhancing.

It sounds obvious but how often do we keep ourselves in situations that don’t feel good and expect to thrive.

You know dating that guy who can’t answer texts.

Or keeping that super-fancy job that has you popping pills like a child addicted to sweets.

In doing so, we are violating one of the basic principles of self-preservation and setting ourselves up for troubles down the line.

This guy is probably not that interested in you anyway and sticking with this ‘relationship’ will only cause heartbreak. And, keep the loving relationship you actually deserve at bay.

By the same token, you may eventually come to the conclusion that being a good soldier and clawing your way to the top of the ladder only leads to you popping more pills and more trips to the doctor…

By actively seeking experiences and people that brings us joy, we reconnect with our deeper emotional needs and nourish our soul.

By actively seeking experiences and people that bring us joy, we reconnect with our deeper emotional needs and nourish our soul.

It’s a great way to begin rediscovering yourself if you got lost along the way.

You can revisit old passions: pull out the saxophone you played in 10th grade, sign up for a pottery class, go hiking on week-ends.

Sure, a pottery class probably won’t fix your boyfriend or your work-related woes.
However, you will gain invaluable insights about yourself, and you will feel better.

Joy is a beacon that guides you back to your sweet spot. Click To Tweet

One caveat, though!

Doing something fun is not a license to indulge in your addictions.

I once had a client who I gave the challenge to spend more time having fun. At our next call they looked hellish. When I asked them what had happened, I realized that they had taken the concept of ‘fun’ the wrong way and they had spend their time indulging in the most toxic form of partying.

That was not exactly the idea…

This is not about having a mid-life crisis, alright?!

So, if you were wondering if spending your time off watching brain-mushing drivel on TV while eating ice-cream and cupcakes, and gossipping with one of your friends on the phone counts as fun…


Good, we’re clear!

3. Define your values.

woman with large ceramic vase

Through your interests, your favorite activities, your forgotten passions, there’s a common thread: you.

What matters to you, what inspires, what fulfills you.

This is a great place to draw commonalities and start identifying things which are not part of your programming: your own values, your own dreams, your own ideals.

If you enjoy hiking, it may tell you that you value nature, adventure, freedom, exploration…
Or that you value peace, tranquility, introspection…

It is not so much the activity that speaks about you.
It is how and why you engage in it.

Analyzing your interests will reveal your deeper values Click To Tweet

You may enjoy pottery because you like being creative.
Or, because you enjoy the sensory pleasure of working with the clay.

Those are 2 very different motivations which could be fulfilled very differently.

To be creative: you could also start playing music or painting.
And, you could garden or give massages to get engage your tactile side.

Give yourself the space to ask yourself questions to identify those motivations.

As you reinvent your life, this will let you know what really matters to you so you can be more discerning in your choices.

4. Identify your why

Talking about motivations…

One of the main reasons that leads people to living on auto-pilot is not having a clear why.

Like I said before, you can enjoy hiking for the excitement and the sense of adventure, or you can enjoy hiking for the introspection and the peace.

Completely different!

By the same token, if you start climbing the ladder before defining why you’re climbing it, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You may be after financial stability to support your family and social acceptance.
Or you could be seeking ever-greater challenges, leadership and achievements.

Totally different reasoning!

Climbing the ladder could be a fantastic way to become more abundant and gain social acceptance. However, it might completely ruin your personal life, your freedom and it may feel like drudgery.

It all depends on you, on your short and long-term needs, on the company culture, on the position itself, on the team…

It’s never black or white.

Unfortunately most people think: prestigious company, prestigious title, money = good!

And they don’t go further than that.

That leads to the epidemics of depressed and suicidal executives that we see these days.

Clarifying your why prevents you from falling into this trap.

If you’re clear that besides your need for financial abundance you thrive on freedom and creativity, you may not be suited for a career as a banker no matter how prestigious the title and generous the pay.

Being a banker would entail living a really stressful life and being stuck in a rigid hierarchic structure.

Not the best place for a creative type!

Having a clear 'why' prevents you from climbing the wrong ladder Click To Tweet

By knowing your why in advance, you avoid wasting years of your life experiencing your worst nightmare to find that out.

You would know that this position is incompatible with your needs.

Nifty trick!

Saves you lots of pain and headaches!

5. Update your vision

Quote: Your soul should be on the board that draws your success plan.

If you follow this process so far, you will have broken the trance of living on auto-pilot, you unplugged from your programming, re-attuned yourself to your inner guidance, rediscovered your passions, your values and your motivations.

Well done!

This is your point of power, the place where you can really reconquer your life and take the driver’s seat unhindered by outside influences that would lead your effort to reinvent your life the wrong way.

That’s where you can create your future.

  • Where do you want to be in 6 months, a year, 5 years?
  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • How do want to feel every day?

Answer those questions and you’ll get a clear vision of what a life lived by your own accord would look like.

It’s probably very different than what you imagine.

Questions are a power tool to help you reinvent your life. Click To Tweet

This is where you go crazy and bring out the brushes to paint the most vivid and exhilarating picture of your ideal life that you can.

Suspend your concerns about how your ideal life can come about for a moment. Just play with the ideal outcome you’d like to experience and let that guide you.

Suspend your concerns about how your ideal life can come about for a moment. Just play with the ideal outcome you’d like to experience and let that guide you.

As you start taking action to move you towards your vision, the pieces of the puzzle will appear and the how will become clearer to you.

Final words

Losing the control of your life isn’t a matter of chance.

It’s just the last step of a long process that often starts with ignoring yourself, following trends, listening to your peers instead of your inner guidance, wanting to fit in, and of course all the other unfavorable circumstances that life can also throw at us.

Thankfully if you’ve read so far, you’ve woken up and you’ve decided to shake things up to get back to your sweet spot.

Now, please be aware that this is a process.

You didn’t get there in one day.
And, you won’t get things back on track in one day.

This is something you must accept and for which you must be prepared when you decide to reinvent your life.

The journey entails ups and downs, fighting against conventions, fighting against your own limitations, challenging yourself to grow, so you can truly shine and experience everything that you came to embody.

Reinventing your life entails ups and downs. But, it's worth it! Click To Tweet

Hopefully, this article gave you a basic structure to accomplish the work that needs to be done to get yourself back home.

I know from having walked this path myself and from working with my clients that this can feel quite overwhelming. That’s understandable: society doesn’t encourage us to explore these topics, most of us lack chops in this department.

Deciding to reinvent your life is a brave endeavor. By engaging on this path you’re venturing way outside of your comfort zone: that’s confusing and scary.

Now, you don’t have to walk it alone or figure it all out by yourself.

Some additional tools that can help you:

  • Watch this bonus training where I share my burnout and reinvention story, and give you my favorite reinvention hacks. This should inspire you and give you an idea of the possibilities for you.

  • If you’d like to dive further into the soul-searching process I described above with a detailed plan, this comprehensive workshop walks you through the entire process of reconnecting with your soul, reinventing yourself and manifesting your dream life.
    Among other things, it comes with a detailed workbook with tons of soul-searching prompts and a special planner to manifest your dream life over the next year. You also get access to me during Office Hours!

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you could see yourself benefiting from a done-for-you approach to reinventing your life, I am here for you. I offer VIP Days and private retreats where I go through the whole reinvention process with you. If that’s an approach you’d like to explore: simply apply for a complimentary Soulful Success consultation and we’ll take it from there.

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2 thoughts on “How To Reinvent Your Life for more meaning & fulfillment”

  1. “Defining your values” is the point that hits home with me. It was something that I went through years ago. I made sure that I knew what I believed and why I believed it. Whenever life begins to sway off track. I go back to that and it brings me back. Great post!

    • Thank you Bobby!
      Great to read your agreement with this tip. It’s so easy to get lost, especially these days with all the distractions we have. Having a clear roadmap of values is really like having a compass.

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