How to reconnect with your soul when you’ve lost your fire (2023)


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Sometimes even the routine of a comfortable life can take its toll on you.

You might feel lost, uninspired, unfulfilled even though truth be told your life looks rather good on the outside and you can’t quite pinpoint a reason for your misery.

When this happens to you, it’s time to find ways to reconnect with your soul and seek its guidance.

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started!

1. Houston, we have a problem!

First, you must acknowledge that something is off.

With everybody tweeting about their Monday blues or thanking God for Friday, it may seem normal not to be fully thrilled about your life.

But, think about it for a minute, we were really made to live only for a couple of days in the week or for our vacations?

Were we really supposed to spend most of our lives doing something that makes us unhappy?

Probably not!

Yes, things may not be that bad and there are perks to every situation.

However, it’s also true that if you’re not starting each day with a sense of excitement, you’re slowly on the way to killing your soul.

Ok is not enough: you must feel excited by the prospect of a new day.

A pure, childlike joy is the emotion that lets you know you are aligned with your soul.

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2. Ask the right questions.

Do you remember going on a first date with someone?

You would probably be very present and ask a ton of questions to get a sense of the person in front of you.

– What’s their favorite book?

– What’s their favorite food?

– Are they a cat or a dog person?

– Do they prefer a city or a beach vacation?

Why all the questions?

Because through them you’re trying to get a sense of the person you’re dating.

You’re trying to identify their interests, their tastes, their passions and see if they could mesh with your life.

In order to do so, you’re on the look out for these moments when their face lights up as they remember fond memories of Sheba, the cat they had as growing up.

Or those moments when their expression darkens as they evoke an ex.

Those expressions let you know everything you need to know about what matters to them and what they dislike.


To identify what fires you up, you can use a similar process.

– What did you enjoy doing as a child?

– What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?

– What brings you an irrepressible smile?

Answer those questions and you’ll be well on your way to discover what really tickles your soul.

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3. Tabula rasa!

Now that you started reconnecting with what fires your soul, you are also in a better place to identify what is killing it.

If you’ve identified that you’re an outdoorsy, beach person and you spend most of your days locked up in an office in Canada, you probably are not going to be so psyched with your life.

It may be a great life by most people’s standards, but if it’s not a match to your personal needs, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t light you up.

Now is the time to be ruthless and remove from your life anything that doesn’t work for you.

If you hate being stuck in traffic, find ways to cut down on the commuting.

If you have an aversion for authority, you may not be best suited for a corporate career. Find ways to put yourself back in a position of power.

If you’re allergic to your boss, find ways to work in a different setting.

In other words, you could be wearing the most perfectly crafted custom-made pair of fine italian boots, if there was a stone in them they would never be comfortable.

So go ahead, grab a big figurative garbage bag and throw away things that no longer excite you.

Some things might take longer than other to clear out and that’s ok.

Just be sure to keep a list of what you will no longer tolerate and make a plan to work your way through that list.

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4. More bliss, please!

Last but not least, follow your bliss!

Granted, you may not be able to relocate to the tropics from Canada in one day.

However, if you’ve identified that your heart sings under the sun, there are ways to bring yourself more of that experience here and now.

– Get yourself a daylight lamp to make up for the lack of sunlight during office hours.

– Plan a caribbean getaway to load up on your quota of greenery and vitamin D.

– Start collecting pictures of your favorite beaches.

Depending on where you are in life, you may not have access to all those options, but the idea remains the same: start incorporating more of what you love into your life.

A few simple ideas:

If you’re missing having children in your life, you could spend more time with your nephews, offer to tutor your neighbors’ children, participate in a mentoring program.

If you’re missing traveling, you could create a bucket list of your favorite destinations, pick up a new bathing suit, choose your perfect accomodation.

If you’re missing art and creativity, you could get yourself a pretty doodle notebook, commit to visiting 1 exhibition each week, pick up the guitar that’s catching dust in your closet.

Remember your bliss is attractive.

Following what makes your heart sing will automatically start attracting to you more reasons to be blissful.

Smart small if you must but start today!

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How to reconnect with your soul quote: Don't tolerate irritations
How to reconnect with your soul quote: Feeling excited  about your life  is the easiest way  to attract more  to be excited about


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