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Updated on August 7th, 2021

If you’ve taken a wrong turn with your life and feel unfulfilled, there are 2 options:

  • you can distract yourself and pretend everything is fine,
  • or you can choose to reinvent yourself to create a life closer to your dreams.

While reinventing your life, especially one that fuels your soul and fulfills all your dreams, may seem like a tall order, it really isn’t as complicated as it seems.

Especially when you tap into the power of manifestation!

In today’s episode, I am sharing with you the 5 simple steps you need to follow to manifest the life of your dreams easily.

While reinventing your may seem daunting, it really doesn't have to be so. Here's how you can use manifestation to reinvent your life without overwhelm. Click To Tweet

Listen to today’s quick tip:

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If you prefer reading, here’s the transcript:

You might have heard of manifestation and how it can help you reach your goals almost by magic. And you might be wondering: ‘could I actually manifest the life of my dreams?’
Well, sure you can and I’m going to tell you right now how to do it.

Hey everyone, this is Dominique Andersen welcome to STRETCH+BLOOM sound bite where in five minutes or less I will give you a quick tip to create a life you love.

Do some soul-searching

The first step is to do some soul-searching. We are all programmed by society and all the media with all this stuff that we want and it’s not really what we want. So to live the life of your dreams you want to follow dreams that are really yours. First soul searching!

Define what you want

Second, you need to define what you want. A dream life is a life where every aspect work together. So you have to think about your finances, your career, your health, your relationships, all this stuff. Look at all of it and think: what works, what doesn’t work, what would be amazing. Bring it all together and you create this magnificent vision for your perfect life.

Manifestation is simple but not always easy. This simple system will help you reinvent yourself & manifest your dreams life without overwhelm. Click To Tweet

Manifest the life of your dreams

Once you have the vision that’s when you step into the manifestation space. And here the game is to make this vision enter your subconscious mind. You kind of want to merge with the vision in your in your subconscious. And once your subconscious has merged with this vision what it will do is that it will find any possible way to bring it to life. This is really really powerful!
Another thing that will happen is that your vibration will change and by virtue of the law of attraction you will be attracting opportunities that will lead you to the manifestation of your dream life. Really powerful stuff!

Remove the blocks

Next you have to remove the blocks on the road. This is a really crucial step. A lot of people miss this step. But you have to remove the blocks in road you have to get rid of all these beliefs that say: ‘oh this is never gonna happen’, ‘oh, with my luck there’s no way’, ”oh, I’m too this, I’m too that’. All that stuff needs to go because it goes against your manifestation and kind of cancels it out. So you want to remove all that. You also want to remove all the stuff in your environment that’s no longer aligned with where you want to go, your habits. Anything! Just remove it all. Replace it, upgrade it! Just, you know, you want to hold the energy of being this person who already has the perfect dream life that you want.

Make an action plan

Next step is to make an action plan. And this is a tricky step because you’re gonna have to take action to walk towards the manifestation of your perfect life while at the same time mentally having to hold the space of being already living your perfect life. So this is kind of like a weird step where you’re taking action as if ‘I don’t have my perfect life’ while you’re staying in the mental space of ‘I have my perfect life. But this is really important and this is how you’re going to be manifesting the life of your dreams.

Bonus step: Keep going!

I have a bonus step for you and that step is: keep going! You have to just go through the cycle of first staying in the mental space of having your perfect life, second you’re gonna receive inspiration, act on the inspiration, go for the synchronicities and just keep going. And this cycle is going to bring you to the manifestation of the life of your dreams. There you go! That’s how you do it!

This is a powerful technique. I love it! I’ve totally transformed my life with it, it’s amazing! I am about to release a workshop and a planner that will guide you through the whole process of using manifestation to create the life of your dreams if you’re interested in this training in this program go to stretchandbloom-com/blossom because you will blossom.

Thank you for listening if you’ve enjoyed this tip make sure to join my inner circle that’s where you’ll get access to all my in-depth steps to join go to Have a great day! Until next time! Bye!

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