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One of the trickiest thing for most people to learning how to manifest money. It’s not that it’s intrinsically harder than anything else to manifest, it’s just that it’s a very sensitive subject for most of us.


The one of the biggest block most people experience when it comes to figuring out how to manifest money is that we’ve been bombarded with so many negative beliefs since childhood that’s hard to believe money can come to us easily.

Here are some of the most frequent nasties:

“You must work hard to earn money”

“Who am I to have all this money?”

“Wealthy people are shallow and dishonest”

“Money is not spiritual”

“If I have too much money I’ll have to pay too many taxes.”

“If I have too much money my friends won’t like me anymore.”

And many more…

But none of these are really true, they’re just habitual thoughts that have been passed down to us.

Think about it: you could easily find wealthy philanthropists who use their money to support the Arts or to protect the environment. There are honest and loved and all sorts of wealthy people out-there.

In truth, money is energy. It’s simply a tool. And it acts as magnifier of our intentions. Someone with good intentions will be able to do much more good with money, someone with bad intentions will be able to do a lot more harm.

But if you’re reading this I am sure you part of the first group, right?! So it’s a good thing to want to experience more abundance in your life.

Now, can you spot any of your negative beliefs around money?

Be honest, we all have some. Full disclosure, I am still working on some of mine. And really removing limiting beliefs is an on-going lifetime process, like an onions there are always more layers to peel off.

It’s not always the most pleasant exercise, but the payoff is really immense. Actually in my 1-on-1 coaching a big chunk of the work is centered around releasing negative beliefs, negative stories, doing forgiveness work and de-cluttering… This is because the more limiting beliefs we uncover and release, the more money we are able to receive and manifest.


The second reason people tend to struggle when they learn how to manifest money is that they focus a lot more on a number rather than the experience they are after.
And the problem is that there’s not always much ‘hmmmppff’ to a number. It’s kind of dry and not connected to any real emotions.

Yes, a million euros, dollars, or whatever currency you use might sound good, but honestly for most people it’s not connected to any reality.
And more often than not, it immediately starts to raise questions like ‘where on earth am I going to get that kind of money”.

That’s not the best place to be when you want to manifest anything…

However, if I said: “Imagine walking barefoot on a beach of fine, white sand. It’s a hot day but there’s a gentle breeze that cools you off. The view on the ocean is breathtaking: the sky and the water are this vibrant blue. It’s incredibly relaxing. There’s a table waiting for you on the beach with a succulent meal of all your favorite dishes made with the tastiest, freshest foods. Now think this is your life and you can do this everyday. “

Now It’s easier to connect to a feeling a wealth and luxury because the experience is a lot more tangible and your feelings are activated. And remember activated feelings mean activated manifestation process!

Hopefully, you can see how it’s easier and much more fun to manifest money when we focus on the experience we want to get rather than just a dry number.

So next time you need to manifest money, remember it’s good to have a money goal in mind but make sure to focus on what you want to experience as well.

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How would you go about this in real life?

Say you need money to pay for a vacation, here’s what you can do:

Start focusing on the trip and the experiences you wish to make, not on the price of the vacation.

Now is not the time to be realistic! Focus on what brings you the most joy, what brings you the most excitement.

The point of this exercise is to allow you to connect with essence of your ideal vision and all that it entails. And activating the emotions will start attracting all the elements of your vision.

Let go of all the negative voices that tell you this can’t happen.

Then start walking towards your dream. You don’t have to see the whole staircase simply take the first step and do what you can do where you are.

Decide when is it reasonable for you to leave. Do you have to make arrangements with work, school…? Do you need to get a new bathing suit, some nice towels? Buy a guide and make a list of the places you’d like to visit!

Do what you can do where you are to prepare for this trip and trust that as you prepare the opportunities will come that will allow you to pay for it. You may win a contest, or receive a bonus.

At some point you’ll be challenged to step out of your comfort zone. It’ll be scary but that’s just your stuff coming up so you can say goodbye to it for good.
Be brave, embrace the opportunities that come to you, motivate yourself with inspiring stories and keep going.

I can’t tell you how but as long as you remain centered in the joy of the experience you will be magnetizing every dime you need for this trip.

And remember Rome wasn’t built in one day. Start small and build your way up as you get comfortable with larger amounts and soon you’ll have mastered how to manifest money.



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